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What's the best anime that has changed your values?

"Changed my values"...
hm, that's probably going a bit far.
After all, most anime titles deal in stark extremes and exaggerations, so adopting some kind of value scheme from any anime title verbatim seems a bit questionable to me.
However, "truly got me thinking" is a considerably more appropriate phrasing here. And yea, I did get some insights from anime in the past 20 years.
Can't really remember them all right now, but about some essential things that do come up... Ef - a Tale of Memories. It might be easiest to just put the actual quote here: "There are no miracles in this world.
There is only coincidence and necessity - and what people make of it." In other words, life doesn't wait for you.
You have to go out and build the life you want with your own hands.
But on the other hand, it also means that in those rare moments when life does throw you a lucky bone, it's really up to you to notice, seize and make use of it.
So be awake. ef - a tale of memories Gunslinger Girl That ends, no matter how good, can never ever justify the means needed to get to them.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so check your decisions for what they are when you make them.
Needless to say, this title is (almost) anvilicious about this notion, but it still works nicely to reaffirm and illustrate it. Jigoku Shoujo Again best put as a direct quote: "Hito wo noroeba, ana futatsu." (basically "If you curse another person, your own soul goes to hell with them") Or phrased differently: Hate is never worth it.
It consumes you.
It diminishes the hater almost as much as it diminishes the target.
Always try to understand other people, try to put yourself in their shoes - even if they wronged you.
Or maybe rather, especially if they wronged you. Jigoku Shoujo Little Busters! Being weak, even being truly weak, does not have to keep you from overcoming things.
Mind, this is not about that standard shonen-anime idea of training and then punching people in the face.
It's a lot more subtle, and yet a lot more encompassing.
It is about dealing with the things that life throws at you.
It's about the fact that You.
There is light beyond any darkness - and you don't need to be someone special to get there. Natsu-iro Kiseki That nothing lasts forever - and more importantly that, no matter how painful that thought may seem, that nothing should.
Stubbornly trying to cling to the way things are will not only get you stranded in an undesirable place in the long run, it will also deny you the opportunity to change.
And that ultimately, change is what makes life interesting and worth living.
(Still chewing on that one, really, but it's true nonetheless.) Uta Kata Uta Kata Never mind the hazy imagery - this title is properly deep, and it touches upon a lot of interesting things.
But to at least cover the central motif: That at some point during growing up, you will run into an inevitable dilemma - namely that your youthful ideals will collide with the dark, dirty, nasty realities of life and the human condition.
And that at this very point, you will seemingly be faced with two ugly options: either to stubbornly stick with your ideals and hate the world for being ugly and dirty...
or to allow yourself to be sufficiently tainted to be able to live in that world, and hate yourself for doing so.
The right choice? None.
And both.
It's just part of what it means to be human.
But at least Uta Kata taught me that I'm not alone in this dilemma.
On the contrary.