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Why is Japanese animation so popular in India?

YES, the anime's superiority over Indian cartoons are clearly shown over many years, onto the big screens screens! "ANIME WILL ALWAYS BE 10 STEPS AHEAD OF INDIAN CARTOONS", I 'll tell u why??? First of all, Indian stories lack the ability to attract one of the major age groups, that is, the 'teenagers'! Although Indian cartoons do make a great influence on the small kids (below 10 years), since most of the Indian stories include the Indian epics characters such as 'CHHOTA BHEEM', 'BAAL GANESHA', 'HANUMAN' and some others! Because these stories clearly represents the supernatural elements which are only liked by children, and not by the 'grown- ups'! They are unable to create any space in an adult's mind, so whenever an individual needs entertainment, he/she seeks Japaneese cartoons! And that is where it all starts..........! The Japaneese manga authors posses a very perspective skill of writing mangas.
They make any manga, imagining themselves as the readers, which Indian story writers don't! On top of that, Japaneese mangakas choose and alter all those facts which cause great influence upon the readers.
They inspire, motivate, entertain, influence and does many more things to the readers, but never cause any adverse effect, never even loses its significance as a mangaka.
Taking myself as an example, the readers are provided with so much of excitement and amusement that sometimes they cannot sleep without reading the final chapter.
A vast magnitude of anxiety accumulates within them while reading the manga, which makes them addicted to them.
Reading one manga and admiring it, leads to addiction of manga; and then comes anime! the same manga when made into an anime, causes double or triple effects on that manga reader! This leads to even more popularity of that manga! Then it gets widespread between friends and gains much more popularity.
When a group of individuals starts reading manga or watching anime together, then discussions on that topic takes root, which develops much more interest in that individual.
When you finally reach the age of 20, watching anime, then there's no stop for that thing.
And that is when manga clearly shows it significance in one's life.
Now that person includes manga or anime in his/her daily schedule.
This is where anime shows its dominance over the indian or american cartoons, by making a great significance into one's life. This kind of significance can only be made by Japaneese manga authors and not by ANY other country in this world.
That's why "Animes" have gained respect and popularity, not only in our nation but all across the world!!!! I thank all the manga writers of JAPAN, to take their nation to such an extent in development in all over the world, where it could never loose its place. - "ARIGATO, MANGAKAS!!!" :D :D :D "NOTHING CAN BEAT OR EVEN COMPETE THE MANGA GENERATION OF JAPAN, IN ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE!!!"