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Why do some adults also like to watch Japanese anime?

I discovered Japanese Anime very late in my life, in my late 50's, early 60's.
I always enjoyed American animation from Disney and Pixar and the like, but always thought that Anime was for kids, shows like Dragon Ball , Speed Racer and Pokemon, to name several.
It wasn't until I saw "Spirited Away" by Hayao Miyazaki when Disney bought the distribution rights and dubbed it in English, that it really got my attention.
I started looking for anime titles online and watched some amazing shows that literally haunted my thoughts and dreams.
The most notable early title was "Elfen Lied".
This violent, bloody and erotic show had a powerful theme of forgiveness, family and redemption that had me in tears, to the point that years later, I cannot describe this show to someone without tearing up.
Nothing like this was ever attempted by American studios.
Japanese Anime, not all of course, does not have any chains or brakes on their creativity or ideas and so one can find shows about all aspects of Japanese culture, spirituality, myths and folklore, as well as history, school life, love etc.
I discovered a whole new world and I became addicted to it.
I am now retired and have watched over 1000 anime titles. Anime can be funny, silly, surreal, heartfelt, adorable, erotic, violent and creepy.
It can deal with taboo topics, be educational, futuristic and experimental and downright disturbing.
Anime is NOT Just for Kids!!!