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I've been watching anime for a while now and I've watched most of the mainstream stuff. I'm looking for a good story with a pleasing ending, I'm good with any genre. What anime should I watch?

By mainstream, do you mean the mainstream shonen only or mainstream of most genre (that would include things like Clannad, Anohana, Cowboy Bebop, etc)? Anyway, I am assuming the latter as you are open to any genre which is great! Unfortunately though, I'd say pleasing endings in anime are a bit hard to find.
So, I'm not going to guarantee one in the following anime.
However, they are all good; well, I liked them but of course everybody has different tastes.....
Hopefully, you will enjoy them: # Cross Game It cannot be classified as only a Sports anime because it has much more to offer.
In fact, I'd say Baseball isn't the main focus here at all; it is more concerned with the characters and their interactions and dynamic relationships.
And well, the characterization is awesome.
Spanning 50 episodes, it goes about in a slice-of-life kind of way and the pacing is great.
The third genre that it incorporates is romance and successfully too! # Gin no Saji Based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa (the creator of the critically acclaimed FMA franchise), it may seem like a simple slice-of-life (it is so to some degree), but if you look close enough, it is truly a quiet masterpiece.
I say 'quiet' because it is never preachy or loud in its themes.
One could very well ignore them altogether and still enjoy the show (the unique setting contributes a lot to this).
There are no unnecessary or forced or unnecessarily forced melodrama, and yet one still gets a sense of progression - in the characters, in the dynamics of their interactions and relationships, and in the story itself. # Katanagatari One of the best in the adventure fantasy genre, Katanagatari has an air of uniqueness, in its storytelling, characters, art, that just oozes awesomeness.
This is not related to the monogatari series; still, what you will find here is lots of dialogue but if you are okay with that then you will surely love it. # Mushishi This critically acclaimed supernatural, slice-of-life (-ish) anime deserves every bit of praise it gets.
With intriguing and sometimes thought-provoking stories in each episode, it leaves the viewer captivated much throughout.
However, it doesn't have fast-paced action (for the better!) and so, it's like listening to a folk-lore from your grandpa, calming and exciting at the same time! # Mononoke Hime I guess most of Studio Ghibli movies fall in the mainstream and hold a place of high esteem and love (which they are most deserving of).
Along with Spirited Away, I'd consider Mononoke Hime to be one of the best among those great movies.
It is slightly darker than your average Ghibli movie showcasing the struggle between humanity and nature, yet there are no real villains here.
Everybody is just doing what they have to do in order to keep on existing. # Black Lagoon I am inserting this here simply because it is starting to dawn on me that there ain't going to be much action on this list (mostly because I tend to like slice-of-life or similar anime).
So, here I present the all guns blazing crew of Black Lagoon with "two-hands" Revy leading the way. #Planetes From an interesting slice-of-life of space garbage men in the first half to a more dramatic tone in the second half, it executes everything close to perfection.
And along the way, it raises some great questions as well.
Eg:- Is it ok to continue space exploration for the betterment of mankind if it means leaving behind a significant proportion of the people behind? Plus, it has one of the best proposals I have ever seen in anime. # Uchouten Kazoku "The Eccentric Family" is truly a bizarre anime - in a lovable kind of way. # The Tatami Galaxy The setup is a sort of groundhog-day for an entire college year instead of a single day.
Mind-blowingly amazing, and surreal, on a deeper level it demonstrates how our choices shape our lives in more ways than one. # Usagi Drop One of my faves, nothing much to say, simply an anime that will melt your heart away. # Wolf Children Two thoughts: ~ Growing up and finding your place in the world is difficult ~ Mothers are truly awesome # Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun The LOLs is strong in this one! # Bakuman Anime about making manga based on a manga about making manga.
I just had to say it.
:3 Anyway, it is pretty fun and well we get to see a tiny bit of what goes on behind the scenes. # There she is !! This ONA about a love that cannot be is pretty good.
Plus it's total 30 mins only. I will stop here as this is getting too long and also coz I'm running out of suggestions which just makes me realize that I've watched so few of the many anime I ought to watch.
*Shrugs* Got to just keep on going, I guess.