Tagami Tatsuya has an ambition of world conquest and the first step of his plan is to make every one of his female classmates pregnant.

What anime villain will you never forgive and why?

I am surprised nobody mentioned this Motherfucker here! Griffith/Femto/Batman/Fuck this guy/The androgynous fuck who shall not be named. Seriously fuck this guy. I mean just by writing this I can feel my blood boil since this dude did absolutely shitty things. The Worse part? He was a genuinely good guy at first.
(In my Opinion, Don’t bring out the pitchforks!) This is Griffith.
He wanted to be the king of his own kingdom, He was a talented commander he was obsessed with control. But I think that deep down inside he did cared for his men.
But out of all of the soldiers who served him, Nobody has made him truly care (Possibly Love?) that person is: Guts. When Guts left to peruse a purpose in life leaving Griffith behind.
It broke him. He made allot of irrational things.
Which was uncharacteristic of Griffith since he was calculating and cold at times. Griffith was tortured for a solid year for making out with the Princess? Why? Cause the king bangs his own daughter at the sidelines! Griffith was never the same guy after that. His tongue was cut off,His army in shambles,His fucking nutsack was ripped off and his tendons were sliced so he can never ride a horse or carry a sword again. Now you are asking.. “Danielle, Why the fuck would you hate him?! He honestly has been through shit!” Trust me. If you haven’t watched or read Berserk. What happens next. Is pulled of straight from the depths of hell. Don’t let his shining white armor fool you. He is wolf in sheep’s clothing. Berserk 2016 sucks ass at the animation department.
But I hope this shows you how evil Griffith is without spoiling too much.