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Which anime had openings that you liked the most?

The Attack on Titan opening was absolutely epic, but none have moved me the same way as one of the seasonal openings in Naruto: Shippuden.
Spoilers ahead! Here are a set of stills from it. An amazing soundtrack with Sign by Flow, it came at a tumultuous part in the series and touches on the issues faced by a lot of characters: Naruto and his soon to end relationship with Jiraiya; Sasuke and his memories of a better time with Itachi; the growing threat from Pain; and the increasing risk faced regarding the Kyuubi seeming to be gradually releasing more chakra throughout the series. The clips of Sasuke and Itachi's fight (something we had been looking forward to for a long time) is incredible and entices with you clips from the fight.
The close-ups on their faces are incredible.
The same goes for the moment when Jirayia rises from the water on the head of Gamaken is amazing and still sends shivers down my spine.
Naruto shedding a tear after his death still makes me well up. All in all this opening came at one of my favourite and I think most action packed parts of the series, and the music accompanying it really made it special.
Link below.
Hope you enjoy it.