Welcome to a series the likes of which you've never seen before! Strong stories, highly charged with erotic content are all presented without Japan's export censorship - as they were intended to be seen.

What Anime do you like?

To keep things fresh, here’s a list of anime’s each from a different genre: Amagi Brilliant Park (Magic) Amagi Brilliant Park is in the “magic” genre of anime.
With heavy aspects of comedy. It’s about a park in danger of being shut down, and the efforts made to rebuild it and thrive once again. - Kill La Kill (Action) An action anime series with supernatural elements, based within a school called: Hinouji Academy. The story’s based on Ryuko Matoi who’s seeking revenge against her father’s killer. - Sakura Quest (Slice Of Life) Manoyama, a rural town used to be a booming town with lots of tourist and business.
But that was 10 years ago. By chance a girl named Yoshino Koharu lands a job with the goal to bring life back to the town, and get Manoyama bustling again within 12 months. - Sunday Without God (Fantasy) God abandons the world on Sunday, and humans on earth are left with the aftermath of this problem. Humans are no longer able to die.
When they do, they come back as the living dead instead. - Ghost Hunt (Mystery) It’s all in the title.
Hunting ghosts professionally. This anime will make you JUMP, or at least get you hooked into the mystery and spooky action from start to finish. - Log Horizon (Games) All the players end up stuck in the video game: Elder Tales, and are forced to live within it and create a life of their own.
And build a society from scratch that’s as fair and equal as possible. - Psycho Pass (Police) In the distant future, a gun measures a persons psychological health, and determines whether they should be killed, spared, taken into custody, or used as an enforcer to help solve police cases. - Outbreak Company (Harem) This anime also has parody and fantasy elements, too.
The main character is recruited to turn another world into a haven for Otaku culture and products from Japan. - Restaurant To Another World (Food) On a special day of the week, food is served to strangers of different races, planets, and so on.
It’s still airing and is a 2017 anime series. - Another (Horror) An anime filled with strange events and occurrences focused on one particular school.
Plenty of violence throughout this one. - Maria The Virgin Witch (Historical) An anime based on Maria who’s intention is to stop the war between England and France that’s been going on for too many years for her liking. Note: While some anime’s above have multiple categories, the one’s used best fit their descriptions.
So keep that in mind.