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What is your review of Psycho-Pass (anime)?

I consider it to be a particularly high-quality anime, for several reasons. This is a truly mature anime.
Not because of excessive gore, violence, or sexuality, but because it handles mature themes and complicated ideas.
Furthermore, unlike some other potentially mature anime, it is never ruined by inconsistent-feeling scenes.
Take Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, for example.
By all accounts, an outstanding anime, but tonally inconsistent at times.
It’s hard to take the plot as seriously with mini pandas and chibi scenes. This scene is funny, but takes away from the drama of the plot Fortunately Psycho Pass suffers from no such lapses, and through and through takes itself seriously. Tone aside, Psycho Pass is a good show because of its characters and plot primarily. Akane Tsunemori is the main character, and she’s, well, pretty good.
The weakest of the main cast, I think, but she stands on her own.
She avoids falling into female anime character stereotypes, and remains strong despite them.
She is no Mary Sue, though, and makes and learns from her mistakes. Shinya Kogami is our male lead, and he is an excellent character.
Kept spoiler free of course, I think he’s very relatable.
He feels genuinely human, as he is motivated by revenge, and hate, and various negative emotions.
Unlike some main characters suffering from a frustrating hero complex, Kogami feels guilt about reasonable mistakes he has made.
He feels very human, and you can’t help but root for him, even though he makes some genuinely bad decisions. Shougo Makashima is our last main character, and the best part of the show in my opinion.
He is the antagonist, and a good one.
His goals make sense, especially to the viewer.
He’s one of the few characters who openly criticizes the government; the government in Psycho Pass is pretty clearly problematic to say the least, and it’s nice to have a character who agrees with the audience.
Makashima is also very much a flawed character, and towards the end one can’t help but relate to his insecurities.
A top notch villain. The story of Psycho Pass is genuinely good, and feels like a complete telling.
So far I have been praising season 1, not by accident.
Season 2 is, sadly, of lower quality than the first: it feels very much like an attempt to copy the first season, and expands upon a story that, in my opinion, didn’t need expanding. Nonetheless, if you can’t get enough of Psycho Pass, the second season is worth a watch.
In truth, though, I think the fact that the story feels complete after season one is a testement to good writing: they wrote a complete story, one that didn’t warrant expansion. Story, tone, and characters aside, the show looks great with excellent animation and quality voice acting.
High production values, good characters, good story; I can’t really think of a good reason not to watch it.