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Can animal lovers be non-vegetarians? Isn't that hypocrisy?

It is no more hypocritical than loving the Forest, but living in a wood built structure... How can you say you believe in preserving the Forests and preserving natural recourses when you yourself live in a home made of wood, and write with a wooden pencil, on wooden paper? It all boils down to preservation.
The balance of give and take. The same holds true regarding the consumption of meat. You can love animals by preserving their habitats, educating our youth in the responsibility over the animal kingdom, and ensuring that the circle of life continues, and that animal abuse is not tolerated. Loving animals doesn't mean you have to make yourself personally invested in the life or death of every individual animal as if it's a person. We don't need to be going and giving chickens little prosthetic legs, and giving elderly squirrels life saving open heart surgeries or chemotherapy treatments. These are animals! Animals die! Animals kill! Animals kill their babies and eat eachother alive and die horrible deaths in the wild. They don't feel guilty because they don't have the ability.
They are just dumb animals.
The smartest of animals, is still not a person. If you don't want to eat meat, don't eat it. But understand that the animals are already dead- you didn't kill them. And you not eating meat is never going to amount to a shut down on the meat industry... So if you WANT a hamburger, by all means, eat one! You don't have to humanize every burger, steak, and drumstick, and wonder about the deep emotional issues and individuality of said animal.... "Who was this pork, and how did he feel? What were his hopes and dreams? What was the most defining moment in porkys life? Who is caring for porkys mother now? Was that relationship strained? Oh, whoa is me, I can't bear to eat this pork!!" I don't think anyone can truly claim to love animals until they've tasted one! Yummy!