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What is the future of anime in India?

Warning: The following answer may contain some violent words.
Readers discretion is advised. Anime huh!!! Yeah it has great potential even in India but the question is what is its future in India. According to my experience-not bright. I am not against anime rather I must say I am an Otaku and I am proud of it. Presently the are no channels in India who broadcasts Anime (I mean except the popular one like DBZ, Pokemon etc). There was a channel fully dedicated to Anime once.
Yes that's… My herooooooo! But thanks to this person I no more have access to Animax. No, he is not my father. If you are an Indian and an anime lover you must know this fellow.
He is N.P Singh who replaced Animax by Sony Yay. I was like… But I can do just nothing! Afterall they were just thinking about their profit. Now lets get huh….
like this So I conducted a survey (not really) and I got two persons. Rahul (16 years old) Bunty (6 years old) Question 1: What's the name of your favourite anime? Rahul: Death Note Bunty: Chota Bheem Question 2: Which anime char.
inspired you most? Rahul: Naruto Bunty: Chota Bheem Question 3: Favourite Quote of any anime character. Rahul: “If you hurt somebody, or if somebody hurts you, same Red blood will be shed.” by Luffy (One Piece) Bunty: “ Give me ladoo ” by Chota bheem Question 4: Who do you think is the strongest anime character? Rahul: Goku Bunty: It's …. Me: Please don't.
I already know your answer. I guess you readers mght have just understood what I am trying to point out. New generation doesn't know any anime even they don't know what an anime is! For them chota bheem is anime and One piece is cartoon. Bunty: That nonsense stretchy guy whom my big bro like to watch in mobile.
What rubbish. Huh!!! What!!! Just… Anyway where was I, Bunty: Telling about stretchy punk nonsense and blah blah …. Ahhhhhhhhh…. Someone please just… Yeah thankyou. Bunty: Fine then, …(beep)… Huh…. Ok I am not telling that India can't produce Anime , it's just they are not trying at all.
They just want to stick with Chota Bheem like stories I think. I don't think any channel will be broadcasting any more Japanese stuff in India after looking what happened to Animax.
So only the 90’s kids will be availing the joy and complexity of anime. That is why I think anime will slowly be lost as happened to Nintendo in India. Hope you liked my answer. Thankyou.