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Anime and manga fans, what are some problems that you have online when trying to watch/read or find anime?

I mostly read yaoi manga. But one of my main issues is, when I browse myanimelist for a good yaoi, and I find one with a description I like, and that is complete.
I search up the manga, and do you know what I find? The last scanlation… WAS IN 2014 VERDOMME. Like, for realll.
I was getting excited to finally read a yaoi that sounds interesting and good, and only 2 chapters have been scanlated, and that is in 2014. Also, the most recent issue I had was with the Gintama movie, Yorozuya-hen… or something like that. Anyway, I went on the site that I usually go on to watch anime.
( and I looked up the movie. Okay, it has loaded, good good.
I start watching it… and the subs.
Made no fucking sense. It had to be, the worst subs I have ever seen. The sentences didn’t start with a capital letter, no interpunction, the sentence structures didn’t make any sense.
It was like the person that subbed this, wasn’t even trying.
(And also, the letters were colored an ugly yellow) And I was looking and looking on other sites, to see if they might have a better version of the movie. NOPE, none had.
Except for….
When I saw the subs on kissanime, I was so relieved.
I could FINALLY, watch the movie.