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What are some habits that you've gotten into, by watching anime?

Oh boy. I do have a lot for you/ Constantly Switching into Japanese/Speaking it when I’m excited I was talking to m friend returning home from my part-time job, and was complaining to him about how we were being given only two days off next week (it was a festival).
Shikamaru’s “This is such a drag” was already on my mind, but I decided to keep my mouth shut (my friend doesn’t follow the anime religion). He then turned to me and corrected me “No you idiot, we’re going to have days off”. I instantly lose my control. “M-MASAKAA!!! USODAROU!!!” Translation: Impossible! You’re kidding me! Correction of Subtitles I’ve somehow picked up enough Japanese to understand when subtitles and the dialogue being said don’t go along. I had this with Made In Abyss recently, though it’s happened in the past. Mildly annoying. I can’t bear it when the subs make a serious line sound extremely stupid. The Anime Spectacles Yes, I do push up my spectacles with my middle finger/index finger/base of my hand. Something like this. The music Others listen to Selena Gomez, Maroon 5 and Eminem.
I listen to Hiroyuki Sawano, Yuki Hayashi and Yoko Kanno.
I have an inner alarm go off whenever someone requests songs or takes my music player.
God forbid they find my stash.
Never. I was watching the Rio 2016 Olympics and during the gymnastics event, Erika Fasana from Italy did her whole routine to three songs from Bleach.
I even remembered the names spot-on: Nube Negra, Escalon and Hollowed. Damn, even right now, I’m listening to AcyOrt by Sawano. Japanese history I can remember a large part of the Warring States period in accurate detail.
I know of Ieyasu Tokugawa, Nobunaga Oda, Shingen Takeda, etc.
My personal favorite would be Masamune Date. Predominantly Japanese mannerisms I do a little bow as I apologize to or thank someone.
My friends call it my “funny spasms”.
I’ve also once or twice subconsciously added the suffixes -san or -kun. Yes I hate myself. Famous anime poses/signs Stuck on a math problem? I instantly make a Naruto hand-sign, usually Shikamaru’s thinking sign. Wanna look badass? Knuckle crack like Kaneki. Scary? Laugh like Lelouch. Have our comic reading messed up I’ve read so much manga, that whenever I get my hands on a comic I always begin reading from the top right tile. Sad.
I know. Permanently skewed character themes For them, the most badass female characters would be Wonder Woman or Black Widow. At which I’m like “You clearly haven’t watched Black Lagoon”. Tendency to battle haters Every time someone says “cartoons” lack a good story like Hollywood, i immediately say “Oh, you mean like Inception?” They: “Um… yeah?” Me: “Well did you know that Inception was based off a popular anime movie called Paprika? Did you know that both the Naruto-Sasuke and Light-L rivalry is ranked higher than Batman-Superman? Do you know that the most psychotic female teen ever, Yuno Gasai, belongs to anime? Obscure references My friend beat up another guy that was bullying someone.
As we were walking off, Me: Dude that was so cool. Him: Yeah thanks. Me: It was almost as if every punch you gave him was over 100%! (Boku no Hero Academia reference). Him: Lol wut? Someone drew a really good drawing, in which red streaks blew outward from her back. Me: Oh my science! It looks like Touka and her kagune! Friend: *blank stare* Me: You now what? Never mind. Black Cat obsession Every time I see one of this: Yoruichi Shihouin? Mao? Seriously though, people, if you see anyone out there having an anime T-Shirt on, or having anime merchandise or is in any way connected to the religion of anime, please, look at them, do a slight nod and give them a small smile. Such motivation goes a long way. Because for us fans, the struggle is real.