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What are some recommendations of dark themed anime with a protagonist that's always seeking revenge?

Anime that are dark themed and involve death and revenge.
Well, lets see: Berserk A story about a mercenary band in a european late middle-aged world.
It's realistic in the beginning, but it starts showing more and more fantasy and magic throughout. This one just gets darker and darker throughout.
It involves a lot of battle and death, and it's got an excellent story and great characters.
The ending is a quite abrupt, so you'll be pretty much forced to read the manga afterwards. One of the darkest anime of this list.
Highly recommend this one. Black bullet Set in a world where humanity's existence is threatened by giant parasites called gastrea, this story follows a young man and a little girl fighting for humanity. This one is both light and dark themed, but it's still overwhelmingly dark, with a lot of death involved.
The only negetive point about this anime is it's unsatisfying ending. btooom! Set on on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, people get sent here to fight to their death against the other players in a giant death match using different types of small bombs to throw at eachother.
The story follows a young man named sakamoto ryouta, one of the unlucky players to participate. Much action, very dark, very explicit, and very good.
Only negative point is that it's a pretty short anime, but there is always the manga wich is still going. Claymore Set in a fantasy-world that resembles the european early middle-ages, this anime is about half-human, half-youma (demons) wich are used to fight and kill the youma roaming the country.
The story follows clare, one of the half-breeds that fights the youma. Dark from beginning to end, this one is perhaps the darkest anime on this list.
Like ao no exorcist however, the ending leaves much to be desired, wich is why STRONGLY recommend reading the manga after episode 18, wich has a lot more content and a much stronger and more concrete ending. Ao no exorcist The story of satan's child who wants to kill satan for personal revenge. Pretty dark beginning, but it gets lighter themed after that.
The anime also doesn't cover the entire plot to the end, wich is why I would suggest switching to the manga before the final arc (wich is still going). Also, the 2 opening themes are some of the best you will ever hear. Deadman wonderland This anime is about a special prison containing people with special powers who can manipulate their blood into weapons.
They are made to fight eachother for entertainment. The story follows ganta, a teenage boy who gets framed for murder and sent to the prison, where his fight for his live begins. This anime is pretty dark throughout, and pretty good as a whole.
However like btooom!, this anime only has 12 episodes.
The ending is still very open as well.
The manga however has ended concretely. Death note A must-see for any anime-fan. death note follows the story of yagami light, a normal student his whole life, untill he finds a note that can kill any person who's name you write in it.
The story is mostly focused on light and detective L, who tries to find the culprit behind the crimes committed using the death note. Dark, suspensefull, great writing and production, this anime is easily one of the best ever made.
Truly a must-see if you haven't seen it yet. Death parade An anime set in the afterlife, where people's souls are tested to be good or bad, wich determines whether they are reincarnated or dropped into the abyss forever. Dealing with the concept of death, this anime is naturally expected to be dark, deep and philosophical.
And it provides, making it an excellent watch. Gantz An anime wich seems pretty random at the beginning, wich is quite understandable as the story deals with a young man who dies by a train-crash, gets teleported and revived in some random apartment, and is forced to fight and kill aliens to survive. It is very dark and contains very explicit gore, and it involves a lot of death.
It gets more dark and philosophical as the anime progresses, but the anime ends pretty quickly compared to the manga. Gungrave A story about a bunch of street-thugs who end up climbing their way into a maffia family. This anime is also very dark throughout, and contains alot of action, death, rivalry and betreyal. Overall an excellent anime, with a great plot, very deep and complicated characters, and a rivalry between two characters wich is only matched by berserk.
This anime also has one of the best endings you will ever see. Kaiji An anime about a young man with a hige debt to the yakuza.
The yakuza offer him specially made gambling-games against other debtors to be able to pay of his debt.
The games are usually simple, but a loss always means working the debt of in yakuza mines for the rest of your life, and some of the games are outright life-threatening. The anime has a very dark atmosphere overal, and it involves quite a lot of death and pain with the sick gambles.
The art-style is abit weird, bit that takes only a little getting used to.
This anime is one of the most suspensefull titles out there, and it also a contains deep philosophical perspective on modern society.
That's what really sets this anime apart in my opinion: If this video doesn't make you want to watch this anime right now, I don't know what will. Higurashi no naku koro ni The story follows maebara keichii, a boy who moves to a town called hinamizawa.
Strange things, happen in this town, and it's not long before keichii finds his life threatened, and bloody events begin to unfold. This anime is divided into two seasons.
The first contains different scenerios from different worlds where events of death, gore, and sadness envold.
The second is focused on ex This anime is as misleading as it gets.
It first gives of the vibe of a happy, quite boring comedy anime, but is quick to turn very dark, scary and bloody.
It contains explicit gore and death, and like claymore, this anime also qualifies to be the most dark anime on this list. Hunter x hunter (2011) This anime is one of those long shounen fighting types of anime. This one however, is arguably at the top of it's genre.
This is an anime with a brilliantly well-written story and characters. Most of the arcs start off with a light and happy feel, but a dark undertone subtly starts creeping in at some point, and over the course of the episodes the story gets darker and darker untill it feels like the characters are being swallowed up by a dark abbys.
This growing darkness in the story is brilliantly paired with growing suspense, untill every minute of the episode is killing. This, in my opinion, is what really sets hunter x hunter apart from the other long shounen anime. Kiseijuu: sei no kakuritsu Set in modern japan, alien parasites start falling out of the sky at night, wich take over human brains and start eating other humans.
One tries to take over the 17-year-old Izumi Shinichi, but ends up taking over only his right hand.
Shinichi and the parasite decide that it's best to try and survive the world together, and keep the parasite's existence a secret. This anime has a very dark tone, and contains a lot of death and gore.
The parasites living among the humans secretly only to eat them when alone with one might remind you of tokyo ghoul.
However this anime is better in my opinion.
A deeper story, deeper characters, and much more suspense.
This anime puts humanity and their role in the eco-system in perspective, and it gets pretty philosphical sometimes.
A great watch for those who enjoy an anime that makes you think. Rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin Set in the 1950's, this anime shows the struggle of the japanese youth in a post-war, still recovering japan.
It follows seven teenagers who are sentenced for their crimes to a reformitory school, wich is a prison in all but name. Other than being very dark, this anime is a downright masterpiece.
Brilliant art, brilliant music, brilliant characters, and a brilliant story. Like death note, rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin is a must-see for every anime-fan. Shingeki no kyojin Set in a distant future, humanity is suddenly under attack by giant humanoid monsters called "titans".
Humanity loses the struggle with the never-ending titans, and only manages to survive by living behind giant, massive walls that were erected somehow (the walls are about as huge as the wall in game of thrones).
The story follows a group of teenagers who have conscripted into the army to fight the titans. This anime is about titans eating humans, and it happens a lot on screen.
It's a very dark anime, and a very good watch right from the beginning.
That's why this anime is one of the most popular ones today. That's about all I can think of. I'd suggest watching death note and rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin if you haven't seen them yet.
After that it's either berserk, claymore or kaiji. Hope this helps.