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How mainstream is anime in Japan?

Anime is not mainstream.
Anime is aired in 1 channel of the common TV channels that are not cable.
Meaning if you have a TV and connection, you can watch that.
However, it depends on what you mean by anime.
If you're talking about animation, the art, it is used in some parts of many TV shows because it's just another way of showing a story.
Like there's only 15% that is otaku in Japan of the whole population. Many people think that Japan is all about anime and that everyone loves it, but it's not like that.
Not everyone is obsessed about it.
It is definitely in our culture, that everyone has their favorite comic book from when they were a child but it does not at all dictate ones life.
Most people don't have anime in their lives.
But anime isn't seen as a childish thing.
The categories would be boy, girl, unisex, women, men, child, adult, or a mixture of them.
So sailormoon is usually a child girls’ anime, however, since it is an old one, all adults that watched it would know this.
Pokémon is a combination of all, as in everyone knows and has and is loved by many, adults and children. i hope people don't think that just because a Japanese person knows some anime that one likes, it means that they have a bunch of figures and they are worshipping it everyday.