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What are some anime you love that never seem to get mentioned?

I believe as a consequences of watching anime from some time… I’ve accumulated bunch of titles that are never mentioned anymore despite being amazing. Let’s see: Gunbuster: - Masterpiece level material from Gainax.
It is said that director cried after reading the script for the first time.
Absolutely amazing anime.
I do not recall anyone mentioning it for years now. Great teacher onizuka: Former delinquent/bosozoku becomes a school teacher. Gets really good at it, too.
Features one of the most convincing female characters I remember in anime Slayers.
Movies and tv series, about a short-tempered sorceress which blows things up with “Dragon Slave”.
Lina Inverse, where art thou? Outlaw star - once again, masterpiece level material.
Two brothers find an live on a planet and planet travelling to other stars.
And then they find a girl.
And then a spaceship.
Also features one of the strongest catgirls in existence. Spice and wolf A merchant is travelling in a medieval world… accompanied by wolf goddess.
A lots of discussion of economics, and the story occasionally gets very sad. Dirty Pair.
Two girl bounty hunters try to save the galax… I mean do their job.
Usually end up blowing everything up instead. Tenchi Muyou - this one possibly started the whole harem anime thing.
Likeable characters, fun situations, and a spaceship that loves carrots. You’re under arrest.
Slice of life comedy about traffic cops.
Now, this one gets worse at later season, but the beginning was very enjoyable. And speaking of cops… Patlabor - police on giant robots.
Slice of life, and comedy.
Multiple ovas and tv series as well, plus several movies, some of them made by Oshii. Now that we’re talking about giant robots, when was the last time someone mentioned the Big O? A very weird retro-futuristic city where protagonists (with android sidekick) fights villains in giant robots. How about Urusei Yatsura? A very well made comedy, which occasionally touches sadder/more complex storeis.
From the 1985.
Features flying alien/oni girl, and her relatives. Aside from Urusei Yatsura, there’s Ranma.
A martial artist and his son were training near cursed hot springs, and fell into them.
Now the son turns into a girl, and dad turns into panda.
And there are many more people with similar “condition”, not to mention possible romances. Combat Butler Hayate was a fun comedy about a nearly indestructible guy who accidentally becomes a butler for a spoiler rich girl. Speaking of comedies, azumanga is rarely mentioned, as far as I can tell.
Which is a pity.
It is a good comedy about bunch of school girls… with surreal elements in it. If we’re talking about comedy, how about School Rumble? This one is a big hard to describe, because it has a lot of very complex love interests (love dodecahedron), but also a cast of characters with very strange quirks and abilities. Trigun.
A character with a god-like aim, in a violent world… who took an oath to never kill.
Very complex anime, gets very serious as it progresses.
Clearly draws some inspirations from westerns. It took a bit of time to write this down… But from my experience, popularity of an anime works like this - one year everybody talks about some title, and the next year it is forgotten.
Meanwhile there are a lot of great titles remain hidden in the past.
So, once in a while, a good idea is to dig through the old releases on sites like anime list, and check out some of the old titles that catch your attention.
This is how I found Devilman Lady: