The idol dreams of SAO's young Beast-tamer are stalled by despicable users who steal her baby Mage-dragon Pina.

What are you most delighted and most tired of seeing in anime/manga?

Things I’m tired of seeing in anime: The openly perverted character who doesn’t get tired of chasing, peeping and stalking women and getting nosebleeds (erection) like: Sanji from One Piece: “Melorine, melorine” enough said. Jiraiya from Naruto: Drawing creative “inspiration” for “research purposes”. Muten Roshi (Turtle Hermit) from Dragon Ball: If you watched the first installment then you know. The super gullible main character who believes anything you tell them no matter how stupid and dumb it is like: Luffy from One Piece: Believes any pirate who says they will help him. Son Goku from Dragon Ball: Everybody shocked out of their mind that he has a son. Naruto from Naruto: Spent a majority of war isolated because people told him he is doing biological survey and recruiting animals believes it and looks at animals private parts.
(Everyone grateful he is super dumb.) Guy who is clueless about love interest even when girls show the signs like: Naruto from Naruto: Why the hell is she giving me ointment for my injuries and cheering me on and getting between me and someone who tries to kill me? Oh no wait Sakura-chan. Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail: No idea why this girl is following me around and being so protective of me? Yukihira Soma from Food Wars: Why does this girl from my middle school agree to taste test my food and be subjected to my horrible experiments? Why does the other one go out of her way to help me procure the highest grade of meat? The main character and his ever expanding harem of young girls who are innocent like: Touya Mochizuki from in another world with my smartphone: Look at me some guy offered me his 14 year old daughter and now I have some more girls who I rescued and now they want to marry me. Ichirou Suzuki from Death March to the parallel world rhapsody: Look at my racially diverse harem of young girls who are clueless about the world. Things I’m delighted to see in anime. A new twist on people with superpower and their character types like: Saitama from One Punch Man: Mob from Mob Psycho 100: Characters from My Hero Academia: Eccentric characters whose struggles don’t involve women, grades, building a harem or a mysterious person showing up at their doorsteps telling them about having a destiny. Characters from HunterxHunter: Rintaro Okabe from Stein Gate: