Due to an inexplicable order from his father, Shuta came to work as the manager of the family restaurant A La Mode. There, he worked with Purin Nishino, whom he liked. Though he spent days of fantasy being treated to sexual favors by the cute clerks, it did not last long. He knew the other purpose of A La Mode, an organization that protects the Earth.

Is Naruto a bad anime?

To the person who is asking this question: What is a bad anime? And does it exists? Me and my bro had a heated discussion over a anime named DURARARA!! I loved the overall character development throughout the two seasons and I really loved Shizuo Hewijima. My brother still thinks that he “wasted his precious time on this shit”. After 20 mins of Great Shinobi War 5, we reached a not so fancy conclusion. Its subjective. I loved Stien’s Gate, I have heard the opening and ending songs a lot. My brother didn't liked it at all. Does that makes it a bad anime? Even the anime like PUPA, Aki Sora, and SAO has its own niche.
SAO has a lot of fan following in the west, so much that it could not be even considered bad. Now coming to your question: The people who liked Naruto as kids grew up with Naruto, and watched him getting powerful, finding the truth about his parents, his master, his brother and everyone who he cared about.
Naruto was integral part of the life of viewers.
And I admit that Naruto both as a character and a anime had a pretty hard impact on me. To me, and even Oda, Naruto is one of those maanga which could inspire anybody.
Kishimoto himself is very influential. So my answer. Naruto is not in anyway bad.
People consider it bad because their tastes does not align with way of presentation of Naruto. My favourite is Bleach.
And I can guarantee you that people will question my taste everytime I put it up. People hate SAO, because as a anime it could not meet the expectations of older age audiences after being branded one, and I personally don't like the character development and the flow of story.
But it still sells merchendises. There is no perfect anime.
Simply because the people who make them aren't perfect either, and that's why we love anime.
It's because of this factor we get to see variety of titles fighting for the top spot using its own tactics. That my friend is the beauty of humans. Thank you.