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Who are the most badass anime female characters?

Morgiana from Magi She is awesome Here are the points mentioned -Cool and Calm demeanor while being Brave She stood in front of bloodthirsty hungry animals without breaking a sweat. She is only panicked when her friends are in danger -Kind She comforts her friends when they go through hard times, and knows exactly what to do when they are in a pinch -Special ability Physical Strength She is one of the Fanalis, meaning she has incredibly physical strength.
She can run up walls, jump from tower to tower, and much, much more. Echolocation She can tell the structure of something by emitting a special sound that bounces back.
She also can use a different frequency sound that scares animals away. Transformation SPOILERS! She is part of the Fanalis, who were once called the Red Lions.
They can transform into red lions from their human form. Battle wise, she is crucial in almost all of the fights in this series.
Without Morgiana, most of the fights would be lost.
She also is a formidable enemy, and has defeated most of the enemies she has fought against alone. Smart She is smart, polite and creative.
When there is something that seems impossible, she finds another way to get around it. If you don’t believe me, here are some fight scenes In case you like AMVs better here’s some