At the end of World War II, after dividing up the nation, the countries that defeated Japan failed to rule the island. As a result, many independent powers were established, fighting amongst each other and trying to seize control. They developed a hatred of one another, leading the country into a never-ending spiral of a civil war. Our story opens with a group of women under the protection of a gang of sexually charged soldiers. The women and the soldiers are trapped in enemy territory, separated from their main force, and they must find a way to rejoin the main force -- if they are to survive the war.

What anime are you into?

There are quite a few anime which has my interest, but two of them stand out the most to me: Detective Conan/Case closed When Shinichi Kudou, a high school detective, goes to an amusement park with his childhood friend Ran Mouri, he witnesses two men in black having a shady transaction.
The men discover him spying, however, and Shinichi is forced to ingest a poison.
But instead of killing him off like the men expected, the poison causes him to shrink into a child.
Child Shinichi goes to live with Ran and her father, Detective Kogoro Mouri, as Conan Edogawa (without their knowledge), so he could find out more about the men in black. I first started watching DC when I was only 12 and being a fan of the mystery genre, I fell in love with the show.
But life happened, I stopped watching the show and for the better part of 5 years, it remained buried at the back of my mind.
After school ended, having nothing to do for the two months before college started, I decided to revisit my childhood memories… and ended up watching all the episodes (around 600 at the time) within two weeks! And, I fell in love with it all over again! With an engaging plot, interesting mysteries, dangerous serial killers, petty thieves and everything in between, the show takes you on a thrilling adventure in every episode.
It also gives the audience hints to work the mystery out by themselves.
The animation improves as the show progresses and the most recent ones have amazing visuals! I follow this show closely and wait for the new episodes to come out every week. 2.
Axis Powers Hetalia I’d heard about hetalia a while back but only got around to watching it quite recently.
And my only regret was that I didn’t watch it sooner! The best way to describe Hetalia is ‘weird’.
The good kind of weird, but weird all the same.
Then again, there’s really no other way to describe a show about personified countries and their shenanigans. Ever wondered how history lessons would be like if someone tried to make them fun? Well, this is what it would look like. The show mainly follows the Axis powers and the Allied powers during the world wars.
The show stays close to actual history and the events are presented more or less accurately, if in a slightly comedic manner. Each episode is only about 5 mins long, so you you can watch it whenever you want, like on boring bus rides, in study breaks, etc. Both the Japanese and English cast did a wonderful job in giving life to the characters, but personally I prefer the dubbed version to the subbed.
The reason being that the different accents of the different countries are highlighted in the dubbed, which is not possible in the subbed version, especially since I don’t know anything about Japanese… This anime actually got me interested in history and geography, and I can say for certain that I can now name quite a few more nations by their flags than the limited two or three I could name about a year back… If nothing else, I can say that I had a fun experience and I loved every minute of the show! These are just my personal opinions however, and everyone is free to agree or disagree with me.
For the time being, these two anime are what I’m into the most.