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Are there Indian girls who watch anime? Or are they all totally extinct?

Ohh yes there are! I cannot even count the no.
of mangas I have read over the past 15 years.
And I know so many other girls who watch Anime and absolutely love it. My sister and I started watching anime when Sony used to air old animes (usually shoujos like Princess Tutu or DaDaDa!) for 2 hours when we were in 1st grade and 3rd, respectively.
We then moved on to watching Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, UFO Baby and One Piece on Cartoon Network and Pogo.
We went mad with joy when our parents bought Tata Sky and it had subscription to Animax (my mom went mad for a completely different reason :P).
When our school started early during summers, my mom used the 5:30 am repeat of Honey and Clover as our alarm clock (the only time she was happy about it's existence LOL).
Then, came the age of online streaming and we have since watched animes and read mangas/mahwas/manhua/webtoons from all demographics (though my sister got into Shounen recently). My current crushes are Deadman Wonderland, One Piece, One-Punch Man, Haikyuu, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Love so life, Ajin, Mushishi and I so want to read Misaeng! So yaa, we're not extinct.
I try and attend the Mumbai Comic Con whenever I'm home for holidays and spend all my saved up living expenses on new mangas and T-shirts !! Ohh..
and key-chains :D