Due to an inexplicable order from his father, Shuta came to work as the manager of the family restaurant A La Mode. There, he worked with Purin Nishino, whom he liked. Though he spent days of fantasy being treated to sexual favors by the cute clerks, it did not last long. He knew the other purpose of A La Mode, an organization that protects the Earth.

What are the genres of anime?

A typical manga/anime is based on several of the following genre- Action Adult(often contain intense violence and/or Erotic content) Adventure Comedy Doujinshi(Fan art inspired by published anime or manga by professional artist) Drama Ecchi(borderline between hentai and Nonhentai.
Sexy but not Nudity; sexy part adds some spice to the content to attract a specific segment of readers) Fantasy Gender Bender(changing gender by switching to opposite sex's dress, makeup or even switching body) Harem(one male character being attracted by several female character, for opposite sex it is reverse Harem) Historical Horror Josei(Ladies' comics, target age group generally 18y-30y) Martial Arts Mature(contains intense violence, erotic content, blood, gore, strong language; not suitable for under 17 Mecha(title under this genre are usually have some fantastic or futuristic element and always have something to do with robotic machines) Mystery One-shot(short, may be one chapter) Psychological Romance School Life Sci-fi Seinen(For 18-30y, Male; contain male hero, themes of honor, slapstick comedy, may be explicit sexuality) Shoujo( for girls between 10-18y, usually have themes of love, romance and variety of style) Shoujo Ai(subtle hint of Lesbian love) Shounen(primarily written for boys; closely tied to genres like action, adventure, martial arts) Sounen Ai(Subtle hint of Gay love) Slice of Life Smut(offensive content, specially sexually profane content) Sports Supernatural Tragedy Webtoon Yaoi(Homoerotic or Homoromantic relationship between males) Yuri(Female version of Yaoi