During a study session, Megumi confessed her feelings to Satoru. However, not only did she have feelings for him, but he also had feelings for her. So... the rest is history.

What anime can I watch that's family friendly and not perverted?

Sakura Quest A slice of life anime about the town of Manoyama. And a girl named: Yoshino who accidentally ends up with the job of bringing life and attracting tourism back into town on a 12 month contract. Released in 2017, with relaxing vibes and comedy. - Nodame Cantabile Two aspiring musicians in their 20’s and their lives as college students.
One of the most underrated and original “music” anime shows.
Which is completely family friendly and of a high quality. - Barakamon This slice of life anime follows a calligrapher who’s been sent to an island to think about his bad decision of punching his director because he was criticized. No stupid fan-service or any nonsense like that.
It’s too high quality of a show to need it (like others on this list). - Snow White With The Red Hair A love story between a prince and a commoner.
And the challenges and difficulties they both go through as a result. Beautiful visuals, non-perverted and a top notch show overall. - Little Witch Academia The story follows Astsuko Kagari, a witch-in-training who has no history of witchcraft.
And therefore struggles along the way to become the witch she hopes to be. A seriously top notch anime with no cheap tricks whatsoever. - Denpa Kyoushi Junichirou Kagami, a hardcore Otaku becomes a teacher and what follows is an anime packed with comedy, life lessons, and all kinds of fun stuff, It’s a clean show, too. - Interviews With Monster Girls An anime about demi-humans who go to school and live alongside regular human beings. This anime does a good job of avoiding inappropriate, perverted elements and instead brings quality, family-friendly elements to the mix. - Magic Knight Rayearth 3 young girls are summoned to save the world: Cephiro from ruin.And end up becoming magic knights in the process. It’s an old school series. - Fate Stay Night Fate Stay Night is about the holy grail war, and the 2 main characters: Saber and Shiro Emiya who end up being chosen as partners. This anime is much lighter with less violence than Fate Zero.
And has some lightweight romance as well. - The Devil Is A Part-Timer A comedy series about how Satan himself ends up on planet Earth, only to realize his powers don’t work there.
And so - he’s forced to become part of society and ends up working a part time job at Mc Ronalds. This anime is both original, hilarious and tends to avoid the “uncensored” kind of stuff. - New Game! A slice of life about a new employee: Aoba Suzukaze, and the efforts she and her team put into making games. Another original and fun anime to watch. Honorable mentions: K-On Tamako Market You’re Under Arrest Squid Girl ReLife Scrapped Princess The Royal Tutor Related: 15 Appropriate Anime Shows For Kids And Young Teenagers