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What is special about anime?

I don't know… may be because in a way they make a part of our lives that we spend watching them quite special and memorable for us.
I have grown up watching anime.
I could even say that I actually grew up with certain characters from anime series.
For instance, Naruto.
When I first started watching it on CN in 2007–08, I was in my teens (not as young in age as the characters but a younger version of myself), and I could relate with the series or rather its characters.
In fact, I have been inspired a lot by this particular series in many ways- Naruto’s lonesome childhood, his solitude, the humiliation and pain he suffered (at some point in our lives, we too go through such trying times marked by rejection, loneliness and despair). Naruto’s determination to become the finest shinobi and Hogake someday.
(We have our own goals that we work hard for, and dreams that we never give up on, no matter the challenges that come our way or irrespective of the negativity, criticism, and mockery that society throws at us). Not only Naruto, but we also see a lot of other characters in the series struggling and working hard, so as to hone their skills and become great shinobis of their respective villages.
There is Hinata who wants to become a fine shinobi and be at par with Naruto, so she could always walk side by side with him.
She trains harder and harder to become good at her techniques and perfect her jutsu.
There’s also Neji, Sakura, Tenten, Choji, Ino and especially, Rock Lee & Sasuke who were shown to regularly train in order to improve their skill sets.
Not only at the genin or chunin levels, but also at the Jonin levels, we see a lot of them practicing and training throughout the series- From Konohamaru, to all the hidden leaf village (Konohagakure) team members, their mentors (Asuma, Kurenai, Yamato, etc), the five Kages, the Jinchurikis, the Akatsuki, the Legendary Sannin, the Anbu black OPs, and all the villainous characters (e.g.
Zabuza, Haku, Kabuto, etc) all worked on their methods/talents, and improved over time.
Similarly, life for each one of us is a journey of constant learning, practice, grueling experiences, retro/introspection and much more that refines us into better and improved versions of ourselves.
It also shows us that hard work does pay off. Naruto was instrumental in inspiring and bringing many people/ villages together.
Many characters looked up to him for his sheer determination & focus toward his goals, and the value of friendship in his life.
Likewise, even we humans, at some point in our lives, play a significant role in other people’s life- by being an inspiration or a motivating role model, or through a word of encouragement, a kind deed, or an act of bravery.
Similarly, there are those who play a remarkable role in our lives as well.
Thus, knowingly or unknowingly, all of us tend to influence someone in life. Naruto gives a great example and message of friendship to his fans.
- the way he treated his friends and people generally, and his willingness to die for them.
Not only did people look up to him for his determination towards his goals, they were also touched by his attitude towards friends and their friendship.
While a struggling Lee saw a role model in Naruto (besides Might guy) and received inspiration from him, a stony-hearted Gaara was touched and melted by Naruto’s gesture of friendship.
We also see other characters (different teams) helping and building each other up.
Thus, Naruto teaches us the importance of friendship, good relationships, healthy human bonding and team work. The interesting part- Love.
Be it Hinata or Sakura or Kurenai, the thing to be learned about love- Love is patient, willing to wait, can only happen once, encourages and helps us to grow in a positive direction, and always stands by us in every situation.
Most importantly, Love wins!! Last but not the least, as all these characters grew up in the series, we too grow in character in life.
And like them, who eventually went on to settle down and give us an amazing Boruto: Next Generation of Naruto characters ;), we too shall also pass down our legacy to our children someday.
And I being in my late 20s, happen to soon join their league.
Lol! Apart from all these aforementioned points, there are many other things about anime- such as: a compelling story line/plot (Naruto, Death Note, Parasyte the Maxim, Cardcaptors Sakura, Assassination Classroom, Fushigi Yuugi, etc) strong set of characters special effects and animation the emotional, comic and action content memories connected with a particular anime- a place or people or anything specific, similar to the way music does. The range of genre for viewers of varying age and taste To name a few, here are some of my favorite anime series due to various reasons (over the last 18–20 years): Ninja Robots, Ninku, Fushigi Yuugi, Flame of Recca, Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, Parasyte the Maxim, Sket dance, Assassination classroom, Cardcaptors Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai X, The Getbackers, Snow white with the red hair, HunterXHunter, Beelzebub, Digimon series, Final Fantasy, etc. P.S.