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Which is the most addictive anime series?

Mirai Nikki aka Future Diary for me ,a bloody ,nerve-wracking thriller .It has 26 episodes + OVA . Genre:Action, psychological thriller, romance. Plot:A survival game among 12 people who have diaries that predicts the future in unique way .In order to become god , one has to kill other 11 people. The plot mainly revolves mainly around the two characters Yukiteru and Yuno. Yukiteru is a lonely ,cowardice high school student who observes those around him as a bystander and writes it down in his cell phone diary.
His life gets changed when he meets Yuno Gasai , a yandere and a psychopath. Things i like in this anime : 1)Each character is having their own story . 2)lot of blood and gore. 3)plot and twist. Watching this anime is totally worth it .