Based on the erotic manga by Fan no Hitori.

How you started watching anime?

If we don't consider DBZ as anime, here's my story of how I started watching anime. In 11th I had taken up CS and hence I used to code a lot, in labs & at home. So one day I was sitting in lab perfecting my final project and a person just happened to be doing the same at a near by pc. We both saw each other's code and what it did and were impressed by each other's passion for it. We ended up exchanging numbers and became good friends over time. Fast forward to the crash course we both joined for JEE.
One day, he invited me to his home to chill.
I was like cool, let's go. We talk and he tells me about a new anime he was watching called ‘Parasyte: The Maxim’. He insisted that I should watch the first episode with him that day.
I was like but ‘anime is cartoon right?’.
He still pushed me to watch it and boy WAS I WRONG ABOUT THAT STATEMENT. I watched the first episode and I was hooked! I ended up watching the whole series within 2 days (I was a binge watcher anyways) Then I saw ‘Death Note’ and basically now me and Anime are inseparable.
#3yearAnniversary To all the indifferent people out there, Anime is not cartoon, Anime is not for kids, Anime is for mature people with complex emotions that get played on a lot.
Depending on what you're watching, you laugh, cry, get embarrassed, be angry, be excited, be amazed at many different levels.
Levels you didn't even know existed inside of you. Anime is Love, Anime is Life.