Based on the erotic game by Hibiki Works.

Who is the most retarded anime character?

Even though I haven’t seen this anime in its entirety, this girl from Aho Girl is literally the dumbest one in anime. Let’s be honest here.
If a high schooler still can’t do basic math, that’s very dumb.
All of her energy probably went to her physical strength, and that’s it… She flashes her underwear every time she sees the main character-and that’s a pretty good sign of stupidity already.
The worst thing is, she’s a hopeless idiot.
She never worries about her stupidity, and still goes on living her life as the best that she could. How will she survive when she is an adult? We will never know. But, hey, without the stupid girl, Aho Girl would lose its appeal entirely.
So, yeah, give this stupid girl some credit.