Based on an erotic game by August Soft.

What are some good Anime apps?

When it comes to these stuff The best app cant be found on google play However you can download the apk file and use them anYme Features Synchronize with MyAnimeList.
The app can detect how many episodes you have watched! Find Similar Anime from shows Read information about an animeThis includes information like score, rating, broadcast day, adaptions, sequels etc. Find which characters play in a show, who their Voice Actors are. Built-in AdBlocker which blocks annoying ads and trackers Don't know what to watch, use the Random Anime button Cleanup your MyAnimeList profile Quickly see how long it'll take before an Anime airs See the schedule of your favorite Anime Skip opening music for an Anime Look up pictures from your favorite show and batch-download them Look up theme songs and listen to them Find discussions about episodes on Reddit Get notified whenever a new episode releases! etc. AnimeDLR Very similar to anYme Very good app