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What are some anime that you consider trash?

Although people have different tastes, I especially hate one kind of anime. Harems I really dislike harem anime because it’s so common within today’s anime.
Harem anime are just too predictable and unrealistic.
Obviously, they pander to a specific group, but there are just so many of them that have the same cliches. Let me give some popular and recent examples. During the 2017 Summer Anime season, one particular harem anime, I believe, stood out. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni was the epitome of fanservice for anime fans. Harems? Check.
Terrible, one-sided romance? Check.
Zero plot development? Check.
Traveling into another world (Isekai)? Check.
Overpowered main character with no personality? Check. It literally seems the anime studios are going down a checklist to determine what they should create next when they animated the Isekai Smartphone light novels.
What makes the situation worse is when people enjoy the creation of more cliche anime.
During the 2017 Summer season, two much better and more unique Isekai animes were Isekai Shokudou and Knight’s & Magic.
However, they weren’t nearly as popular as Isekai Smartphone, simply because they didn’t have harem and mindless romance. An extremely popular anime that is quite infamous, you can’t be an anime fan without knowing what High School DxD is. High School DxD I have a personal vendetta against this anime because of a traumatizing incident.
High School DxD mixes ecchi, romance, and harems in order to create a somewhat appealing anime that has lasted for more than four seasons.
Does it have plot? Nothing meaningful.
Is it enjoyable? Yeah, for your fucking penis.
Would you recommend it? Yeah, for horny teenagers. Finally, I would have to say Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online Like many people, I believe Sword Art Online started out great.
However, the pacing and character development sucked and everything that made the anime great was taken out and replaced with harem.
Although it has many flaws, Sword Art Online is a great beginner anime to watch, and I don’t particularly hate it that much.
What makes me dislike this anime is the fanbase that gathers around Sword Art Online and celebrates its masterpiece qualities.
Sword Art Online has terrible characters, horrible plot development, and meaningless harem and romance. In the end, I think that it’s perfectly fine for people to like harem anime.
However, I don’t want anime studios to follow a checklist and start including harems into the plot of anime in order to attract more fans.
Most harems in anime are done incorrectly and only serve to degenerate the show; this is especially seen in Sword Art Online.
MyAnimeList doesn’t list SAO as a harem, but everyone who’s watched the show knows the real truth. Of course, ecchi and other types of fanservice are also bad when it’s meaningless, but it’s become such an essential part of anime that almost every anime has some form of fanservice in order to attract both male and female fans.
This is something I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to harems: it becomes an essential to a popular, profitable anime. Edit 1: Sorry for all the grammatical mistakes; I’m reading through my answer and getting cancer.