Based on the game by Innocent Grey.

What anime gives you the most "feels"?

[Possible spoilers ahead] This’ll have to be CLANNAD and CLANNAD ~Afterstory~ for me.
It’s been years since I last finished the Visual Novel and the anime but I still remember almost all of the scenes, especially the tearjerkers.
I’d probably be able to write a very long essay just to express my love for CLANNAD but this is not the place for it, so I’ll write the parts where I was really touched and made me think of my existence. First off, your closest friends in school might become just a distant memory to you in the future.
You’ll be busy with work, your own family, and several other adult issues that you’ll have little to no time to see those that made you smile while you were young and trying to survive through school.
As a student (at least from my experience), one may be under a pretext that everything will be the same as it is, but once you’re about to graduate, what’s going to happen? What now? Tomoya, although it wasn’t explicitly shown, had the same question but decided to bury it as he was happily with Nagisa.
When the worst came, however, he became a hollow shell of what he once was.
What should he do now that his beloved wife is no longer here? How is he going to raise a child when he can’t even raise himself properly? How is he supposed to meet all of these expectations thrown at him all of a sudden especially since he was a laid back student who only went with the flow of life? What now? Next is the pureness and innocence of children that people most often dismiss as unnecessary naivety.
We can learn so much from children if only we step off of our high horses and listen to them.
“Because it’s the first one Papa gave to me.” Damn.
Right in the feels, my dudes.
Despite not knowing as to how her dad doesn’t visit her nor take care of her like her classmates, she still showed pure trust on her parents that maybe one day, she’ll be able to be in a loving family.
She waited and was strong for so long just so one day she’ll be able to cry on papa’s arms. Lastly, CLANNAD made me see that there are two sides to a story, and you might only see one side until someone makes you see the other or it’s too late.
I used to really not like Tomoya’s dad.
Alcoholism? Loan sharks? On top of those, injuring your own son causing him to stop doing what he was once passionate about? While what he did wasn’t really great and he does deserve the scolding, his mom was right when she said that he may not have been a great man, but he was a great father in her eyes.
He went through so much sacrifices for Tomoya, even going to extreme lengths just so he’ll be able to provide for his son’s needs.
He even lost himself in the process.
Didn’t make me cry, but it certainly hurt my heart when he said, “Is it okay now?” It is.
Please rest.
You have done well. Still have a lot more in my mind but let’s end it with these.
If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do.