Based on the manga by Yonekura Kengo.

What are some mind boggling anime series?

The following anime have been a mind boggling experience for me.
I prefer mystery,action and thriller theme animes(Most of them are darker/serious type with complex storyline). A great philosophical question - The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox- whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object? One of the animes tries to answer this question in it's own way. Ergo Proxy - Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi.
23 episodes. Psychological mind boggling experience.
Will keep you guessing until the very end.
Intriguing story set in a post apocalyptic world where everyone is being kept in the dark and left wondering whats just beyond their grasp.
Ergo Proxy makes use of a lot of different aspects of psychology and history and ties them together beautifully.
Character development is good and animation has it's own style. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex .
Action, Mecha, Military, Police, Sci-Fi, Seinen.
Episodes: 26 Ghost in the Shell (GITS) has a typical complexity to its story and characters.
The show tries to tackle some ethical debates and philosophical arguments, means that whilst there is a lot of action, there is actually a point to it all instead of it being just mindless violence. GITS is truly a gem that paints a very interesting picture of not just a potential future, but also of one that parallels the present.
As humanity continues to leap towards a rapidly changing future and form a holy liaison with its pursuit of technological advancement, many of us can’t help but ponder upon where all these efforts will take us, and more importantly, whether they will be worth it.
Until then, astute creators and artists will continue to prophesize and fulfill their roles as latent harbingers.
To exploit that imagination and satisfy one’s curiosity comes the GitS: SAC narrative that should be experienced by all those who are interested in such a reverie.
Graced with the wisdom of a sage and the creative curiosity of youth, Stand Alone Complex is a tale that can be thoroughly relished on various planes of cognition and enjoyment. This is very much an intelligent series with complexity, while there are some who won't enjoy it, I found the blend of action, mystery, philosophy and thriller to be truly excellent. Death Note - Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller.
37 episodes. Death Note unlike any mystery thriller show you will ever come across.
It is the very first recommendation from most of the anime fans.
Spellbinding storyline, exceptional direction and the thrill is just unreal.
The intellectual battle between the two main characters is enthralling.
The artwork is truly dark and eerie.
This anime tries to tackle some philosophical questions in a complex way and the complexity makes the anime shine.The sound track complements the atmosphere beautifully.
The anticipation in unreal ,and I watched the whole anime in 2 days.
Some people are unhappy with the ending , there is a movie with alternate ending though.
This is a masterpiece which is a must watch, even if it is just to say you didn't like it. FLCL - Action, Comedy, Dementia, Mecha, Parody, Sci-Fi.
Episodes: 6 FLCL is as close to a piece of literature as you're ever going to get with an anime series.
Fast paced as it may be, the story beautifully presents a theme of growing into maturity, and accompanies it with stunning visuals I've yet to see surpassed.
Many comments have been made on how plot is very difficult to follow due to both its speed, and also because of all the symbols, motifs, and dialogue that doesn't reveal its meaning until the very end.
Never in any anime have I seen foil characters like Amarao and Ninamori played as such a beautiful literary supplement to the main character Naota's journey into adulthood.
To me, this series is the perfect balance of seriousness and humour.
It makes you laugh, it makes you think, it pumps you up, its aesthetics impress you, it tells an eloquent story with a great mixture of science fiction and real life, it does everything a good story should do.
Add to the mixture a soundtrack comprised almost entirely of music by The Pillows, and you have yourself and incredible piece of film work.
I highly recommend watching this series multiple times.
The director's commentary is also extremely insightful to the themes of the story, and I would definitely spend time watching that as well. Steins;Gate - Sci-Fi, Thriller .
24 Episodes Steins;Gate is revered as a masterpiece by most anime fans.
It has a very well executed storyline and offers a great value for a re-watch .Steins;Gate explores the world of time travel and time lines,it acknowledges theories such as the 'butterfly effect'.
The plot is full of surprises and sudden unexpected turns.
'Feels' meter is really high on this one(keep a tissue with you).
The characters are developed incredibly well.
To the point that you feel connected with them in terms of their feelings and goals.
The characters are likable and voice acting is superb.
OST was not really outstanding.
However, I did enjoy the opening and the ending.
The soundtrack did it's job of conveying the mood/atmosphere of scenes pretty well.
The animation in itself was done really well though.
The ending was fantastic.
There were barely any loose threads, and as a poor ending can sometimes ruin a good series.
Go and actually experience this masterpiece for yourself.
El Psy Congroo. Monster - Psychological ,Thriller , Mystery anime.
74 episodes Truly psychological and can mess up your head.The tension in the show will give you an eerie feeling all the time.
The antagonist has a vibe of a super villian with almost inhuman abilities ,but he is human as everyone else.
Pacing is a bit slow , but character development in great. Code Geass - Action, Mecha, Military, School, Sci-Fi, Super Power.
25 Episodes.
2 seasons. This anime has amazing mecha(big robot) action.
A bit of super power stuff and tactical style warfare.
Anime is very action packed with few light scenes.
It also tackles a great philosophical question - "Whether a means to an end is more important than the end itself? ".
I loved the music very much and the characters are quite interesting.
It will also make you think about the relation between power and corruption.
Storyline is not perfect , but the ending is beautiful. Attack on Titan (Shinegi no Kyojin) - Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power.
25 episodes. A brilliantly made anime with super direction and outstanding animation.
The story is action packed with survival of humanity on the line.
The anime tackles themes such as bravery, loss, pain , suffering and revenge.
The music and score are amazing with excellent voice acting.
The story has not ended yet and there will atleast be one more season before the story ends. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller.
26 episodes. Do not be fooled by it's cute looking cover.
At first glance, it looks like a simple, generic harem series or a lame, cliched romance.
This anime, however, is nothing short of genius.
The whole setting, atmosphere, and mood are incredibly well executed.
The plot may seem simple at first, a new kid moving to a strange, new town and meeting new friends.
Beneath the exterior appearance of this seemingly tame series, however, lies a dark story of murder, violence, and mystery. Psycho-Pass - Action, Police, Psychological, Sci-Fi.
22 episodes.
2 seasons Are humans innately good or evil? They do things for self interest or personal gain? Forging relationships, creating bonds; are they simply methods to reach the end goal ? Psycho Pass portrays and addresses this issue through excellent storytelling, proficient pacing, and a cast of realistic characters.
Psycho Pass keeps its audience consistently alert and interested, with plot twists and shifts that are unpredictable and wholeheartedly intriguing.
The art is bold and catches the eye's attention.
The music is catchy and will stick with you even after the conclusion of the show.
There may be plot holes in the story but the story is intriguing to the very end. Fate/Zero - Action, Fantasy, Supernatural.
13 Episodes. The cast in Fate/Zero though mostly consists of older men and has a very mature theme with NO fan service.
Story is beautifully executed with moments that will leave you in complete awe.
Animation is superb and the show has very solid direction, phenomenal OST(composed by Yuiji Kaijura), and excellent writing as expected of the now famed Urobuchi Gen.
Perhaps most of all though is that Fate/Zero manages to capture the essence of its source material supremely well.
Even little details are taken well care of.
The characters discuss their philosophies, hopes and goals in a unique style.
It is something that can be both thrilling, and intellectually satisfying at the same time.
Fate/Zero is a quality piece of entertainment and it certainly will leave a strong impression. ** This is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night Gosick - Drama, Historical, Mystery, Romance.
24 Episodes. Every episode builds to the next - a piece to the larger puzzle.
Re-watchable, beautiful ending.
Engrossing storyline.
Music and score is excellent. Mushishi - Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural.
26 Episodes. Draws you into the story, every story stands on it's own.
Intense atmosphere at times.
Plot development is excellent.
A bit on the gloomy side.
Soundtrack complements the anime beautifully. Another - Horror/Supernatural and Gore.
12 episodes. Very intriguing storyline.
A bit of gore and jumpy moments.
Animation is fantastic.
Pretty good for some scare , could have been even better in terms of depth of story. Hyouka - Mystery, School, Slice of Life.
22 Episodes. A bit on the lighter side.
Mystery anime set in high school.
Slice of life element , but it has surprisingly excellent storylines and deduction based themes like Sherlock Holmes.
Animation is fantastic with wonderful music and score. Worthy mentions - Shiki , Kara no Kyoukai, Mirai Nikki (TV), Madoka Magica, Gankutsuou, Cowboy Bebop and Darker than Black.