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What are the 10 anime worth watching? I generally like overpowered characters in fighting anime.

DISCLAIMER! These aren’t ordered by how much I like them BUT I put stars beside shows I really recommend! I’m not going to discuss Bleach, Naruto, etc because you’ve probably heard of them.
I spent a very long time working on this list, so I appreciate any upvotes, and follows.
Thanks :) 1- Tokyo Ghoul* In a world of human-eating beings called ghouls, who on first glance appear to be human.
This is the story of Ken Kaneki: A quiet and reserved university student, who has a crush on a girl at his local coffee shop.
He succeeds in asking her out to a book shop, but his plans are crushed when she turns out to be a ghoul and attempts to eat him, though he tries to run away.
She seriously injures him at a construction site and as she is about to give the finishing blow, steel beams fall onto her. They are rushed to a nearby hospital, where without permission, the doctor transplants organs from the girl to save Kaneki’s life.
When he wakes up, he starts exhibiting the tendencies of a ghoul.
Rarely does one experience such a treat for character development and good plot. This series is amazing, with its amazing soundtrack and very sad plot.
Season 2 in my opinion is even better than Season 1.
Better yet, read the manga, because it it is soooooooo much better than the anime and has a better plot. 2- Kaze no Stigma Kazuma Yagami is banished by his family because he is unable to use fire magic.
However, he returns back to his family, able to control the wind and extremely powerful.
He defeats his father and has to deal with many ongoing problems, while aiding the family which he has learned to hate. 3- Attack on Titan* Okay, the main character isn’t the most OP at the start, yes.
However, as the story progresses, he becomes nearly unrivaled in strength and sheer power.
As the story nears its end, it continues to develop into something even better than it was at the start. It is about a kingdom residing within huge 50 meter walls.
These walls were built due to the existence of Titans, who are giant humanoid creatures, who seem to exist merely for the reason of consuming human flesh.
However, a giant Titan, one which is 60 meters tall, creates a huge opening in the outer wall, allowing Titans to access the insides of the walls.
Eren, the MC, has his mother killed and vows to destroy all Titans. 4- Kill la Kill While the main character is sort of OP.
This doesn’t extend to too far of a degree, that the whole show becomes meaningless.
Quite honestly, I didn’t expect much of this show when I put it on, because of a bias against ecchi anime.
But, it did get better as it progressed, though it was very very light hearted and comedic, which sort of put me off after a while, even though most of its scenes were pretty good. 5- Code Geass****** Do you know what epicness is? You won’t.
Unless you watch this anime. While the main character isn’t necessarily doing the fighting, and this anime focuses more on psychology, this anime is certainly my most favorite that I have ever seen.
Don’t let its unique art style stop your interest, because that is a mistake some people make and cause them to be unable to sample this piece of raw epicnessamazingawesomeosity.
It is about a prince of a kingdom comprising of the majority of the modern world, who is disinherited by his father after his mother is murdered. Trust me, when you start watching it, it is nearly impossible to put down and then the story will leave you haunted with suspense until you finish it (which you’ll do really quickly). 6- Sword Art Online I know this anime has gotten a bad rap by the community for it being overrated by pretty much, well, every anime noob, but it still provides an entertaining watch.
But still, I hate the second arc of Season 1 because Asuna, the main love interest of the MC is turned into a ‘rescue-me’ sort of princess.
Still, I recommend that you give this show a try because it fit your requirement in nearly all aspects. 7- Noragami The MC, Yato, is a minor god who does random tasks for only 5 yen.
Even though he has no shrine, he dreams of a day when his name will be well known around the world and shrines dedicated to him will be common.
However, his only servant leaves him in anger at his uselessness, and he is left with nothing.
In the end, a girl named Hiyori Iki sees him cross a road where a truck is about to collide and tries to save him, which causes her soul to be dislodged from her body.
She asks him to fix this issue, and the story continues from there…. 8- Guilty Crown This is a show where you either love it, or you hate it.
Personally, I think there are a lot of things this show did wrong, but in the end, the story actually is pretty good, and the main character’s development is truly enjoyable to watch.
It is similar to Tokyo Ghoul in several regards, such as a good soundtrack, however, there are some traits I will not spoil. The animation is quite superb, the romance aspect of it is odd, but the action is undeniably good.
One thing I seriously dislike though, is the actions taken by one of the female characters (you’ll understand if you watch it), which totally disgusted me to no extent, even though the pacing of the show attempted to skim over it. 9- Deadman Wonderland It’s tough to summarize this show without spoiling anything major, but here I go…. A young boy in middle school enjoys daily life, until the fateful day that his class is brutally murdered by a masked man.
The boy is brought to court and attempts to convey his innocence, but is framed for the crime and sent to a prison called Deadman Wonderland, an institute which is both an amusement park AND prison, where the prisoners are the main attraction.
He finds an albino girl at the institute and befriends her, and both attempt to survive the horrors of the theme park. 10- One Punch Man The one show no one obviously expected to be on this list.
Just kidding. Okay, I’ll admit, I didn’t find this series very good to be honest, but since most people I’ve met love it, I am going to recommend it. Its the story of a guy who’s trying to find a job, but runs into a monster and kills it.
Then he starts training in order to become strong, because he likes the thrill of fighting.
Eventually, he becomes so powerful that he can defeat anything with one punch.
He gets a student named Genos, who is in awe of him after seeing his strength and figures out the truth: No one knows anything about him. So he joins an organization for superheroes, and on the story goes. EXTRAS - I’m not going to write long reviews for these though ;) 11- Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Really OP guy in a magic school.
I really do mean OP.
Fantastic, so just watch it. 12- Shakugan no Shana About a guy who figures out he is actually dead.
The MC gets really OP in season 3, but the first two seasons leave something to be desired, even though they are also undeniably exciting. 13- Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Another OP guy in a magic school.
Trust me, you’ll like it. 14- Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records* Trust me, you’ll really like it.
Story about a professor at a magic school.
You’ll enjoy the comedy aspect quite a bit. 15- The Asterisk War ANOTHER one of these magic school shows, lol. 16- Akame ga Kill* The main character gets stronger as you go on.
This one is very enjoyable. 17- Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z ‘Nuff said. 18- High School DxD Just please don’t watch this.
I added this because it fit the criteria you gave.
It’s worth watching because of how bad it is.
Of course, unless you actually like ecchi anime. 19- Tales of Zestiria the X I was left wondering what the point of the series was.
This is just another one that fit the criteria.