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What's your favourite transformation in anime?

I really like unexpected transformations in anime and all of them need not be in terms of power.
Well, Goku / Vegeta first time Super Saiyan transformations are unforgettable, there are other transformations which I like and may not have been mentioned by others: 5.
Gon - Hunter x Hunter Probably one of the most spine-chilling transformations in anime.
The way he killed Neferpitou was damn scary. He went from this: To this: Finally to this: 4.
All Might - Boku no Hero Academia What I like about his transformation is when he reverts back to normal.
Its just so fucking hilarious that I can’t even put in words.
But given that, he is one of my favorite characters from the series. So this is Hero form: And this is his normal form: 3.
Zurako - Gintama Probably the most beautiful transformation in anime (except Charlotte Chuhlhourne).
If he were a woman, half the men would have hit on her.
So the man we are talking about is Katsura Kotaro of the Joi faction. He went from this: To this: 2.
Ulquiorra Cifer - Bleach On a more serious note, I really liked Resurrección: Segunda Etapa, a second stage transformation of Ulquiorra Cifer.
He looks like a harbinger of death in this form, a truly badass transformation. Honda - Kochikame The transformation I talk of here is more in the nature of character rather than appearance and powers.
Honda is a police officer in the anime Kochikame who likes to ride bikes.
This is what he normally looks like: He is the same timid and shy guy with low confidence levels as he appears to be.
One of my seniors in office is quite like him.
He is not shy and timid but speaks very less.
However, once he starts driving, he is a totally different person.
He drives insanely fast and has some of the best songs in his playlist.
Also, he is more open to people and drops an occasional joke which can destroy another person’s will to live.
Same is the case with Honda.
So here is Honda on a bike: Quite the hunk isn’t he! In this form, he drives at speeds which is enough to make a fearless Ryotsu shiver in fear.
I remember that he once went on a date and didn’t get off the bike the entire time, whether he was in a cinema or a restaurant or even a roller coaster just to mask his real personality.
However, the date was his 100th unsuccessful attempt xD Hope you enjoyed my take on transformations!