Based on "Journey to the West".

What is a good recent anime that can be watched subbed?

Like many other answers I've seen I'd definitely recommend Assassination Classroom, the whole idea of a class having the task to assassinate their teacher within a year or face world destruction is so weird that you can't help but at least be curious.
Don't worry, it's definitely worth watching. Personally I REALLY ENJOYED Shokugeki no Soma.
It's a shonen/comedy based around cooking.
There are some pretty strange food reactions and the later chapters (of the manga) lose a bit of their humor factor however I still laughed hysterically at times.
Snow White with the Red Hair is a shojo which unlike the vast majority of shojos held my attention.
The setting and drawing style coupled with a strong, determined female lead who doesn't always seem like a damsel in distress made the show quite enjoyable.