Based on the manga by Komiya Sanae and Nonomura Hideki.

Anime: Naruto vs Death note, which is better?

In my opinion…Death Note is far better than Naruto could ever be. Death Note is a series that ran in Shonen Jump from December 2003 to May 2006.
An anime adaption was created in Japan from 2006-2007, than it hit American shores and the rest is history.
From here we have light novels, 3 movies and a boat load of fan related material. The reason for Death Note’s popularity stems from it’s complex storyline, mature characters (all which range from late teens to mid 30’s), and it darker than black theme.
It’s pretty gothic, neo-noir and it’s a mysterious borderline supernatural thriller.
At it’s essence it’s a detective story w/ interesting characters. We know who the killer (kira) is, but the question is will L find out in time? It’s a game of playing against the odds and a high intensity chess match. Most people who watch this series tend to like it, because it doesn’t fall into the stereotypical shonen trope and the main character isn’t retarded.
There’s a finesse to this series missing from works such as Naruto.
There are consequences for fuck ups and people tend to die. The cinematography is beautiful and the artwork is astounding in a lot of cases.
Even the fan art pushes limits, because people want to do justice to their favorite series. I remember the use of religious symbolism in this series, and the question of who has the right to take a life.
Even if you could and you thought you were enacting justice for a greater purpose…..should you? The debates between L and Light.
Both characters are considered different sides of the same coin, but while L is shady at times, he ultimately believes in the mercy of the law.
That blind justice serves a purpose when properly fulfilled by law enforcement and the chains of command are used.
While our sweet, sociopathic Light developes a taste for judgement and swift justice; which in his eyes, serve to relieve mankind of unwanted filth and suffering.
Unfortunately, the Death Note comes w/ it’s own set of rules and proves to be highly addicting. No truer statement could’ve been said, “ the quickest way to Hell is paved w/ good intentions.” Lastly, there are shinigami who encompass the entirety of the human drama as no more than childs play in their eyes.
Their bored…plain and simple.
Eyes are a major symbolism, because they represent the windows into the soul.
Apples are seen constantly and Ryuk’s constant hunger for them is just as symbolic. This series isn’t for the light of heart, those easily bored or those who expect explosions every 5 minutes.
It’s a short neat series that exploded into a phenomenol fanbase.
It’s a seinen steeped in black humor and ambiguos morals…I freaking love it!! * * Now Naruto is a series that began in Shonen Jump from 2002 and ran until 2014. It came out w/ a anime series named Naruto that played on Disney XD than it was moved to Cartoon Network, and the rest is history. This series was about a boy name Naruto Uzumaki, who we soon learned had a tragic past, a long way to go, and dreams to become Hokage.
He was dead last in class, but considered a stoic boy named Sasuke Uchiha to be his life long rival.
And had a crush on a pretty girl named Sakura Haruno, who found him annoying and wouldn’t give him the time of day.
These 3 characters form the core of Team 7.
A ninja squad formed after graduating from academy.
We journey along w/ them seeing their ups and downs, as they progress through out the story. Now I will say the original Naruto series is the best.
Sure it had some issues, but they could be overlooked, because it built a solid foundation.
It caused a lot of us to immerse ourselves into the world of Konoha and the idea of Ninja’s functioning in a society of their own. The premise was great and the characters endearing and different.
Naruto was like pop art that didn’t give a shit, it had heart and soul.
The characters were relatable, the show was humorous, full of adventure, violence and scenes that had us wailing.
Naruto was good once upon a time.
It developed it’s rules and roots.
The villians had reasons and Orochimaru was terrifying to behold.
The chunin exams had consequences and epic scenes that will go down in history.
Characters fought for their rights to life, liberty, and survival. The concept of the jinchurikki was unique and reminded of a play on yokai w/o them actually being yokai.
Just sacrifices to a fucked up fate.
I really wanted to see Naruto strive for his dreams…to become Hokage, win the love of the girl of his dreams, and help Sasuke find himself. Unfortunately, by the time Shippuden comes around…it looses what it meant to be about…ninjas.
The series than follows a 15–16 yr.
old Naruto who comes back after training w/ Jiraiya for 2 and 1/2 yrs.
His training really didn’t do anything for his diversity of skills or arsenals…other than creating a bigger rasengan.
It also seemed like his Kyubbi cloak was scaled back after a point.
The sheer magnitude and intensity of destruction was scaled back. One of the worst things about Shippuden is that it became wishy washy.
It didn’t know if it wanted to be darker or lighter in scale.
If the characters should have gravitas or not.
It became a boys club anime that was low key sexist, it turned it’s own established rules on its head and became hypocritical.
The series aptly named, Naruto, became less about him and more about 100’s of other characters….especially Sasuke…by the end it should’ve been name Sasuke.
We know more about him and the Uchiha’s then we’ll ever know about Naruto, the Uzumaki’s or the infamous fuinjutsu. The shonen would have epic scenes like Obito’s memories of Rin and how Kakashi accidently killed her.
That was a seinen quality event.
Then we’d get endless filler about….ninja ostriches and shit….I’m like what??? The storyline pace was convoluted, the side characters were utterly forgotten about and no one…and I mean NO ONE got any development past archetypal b.s.
Naruto didn’t evolve as a person and his views never were challenged or changed.
The complex glimpses in the eyes of the boy on a lonely swing….were visited no more.
Sakura never evolved past 12 and threw everything away for obsession.
She’s seen dusting in the end w/ a apron on and the Uchiha symbol plastered on her back….then dumb chics on the internet are seen posting pics of themselves in aprons, w/ dusters in hands….posing w/ the Uchiha symbol………..let’s just say I walked away from the internet that day. Sasuke never learns anything on his own and never pays for his decisions.
His character was ruined to. No this series tries to be something it’s not.
It tries to be philosophical….it’s not, it tries to deal w/ genocide…it sucks at it and instead justifies it, Kishi-suck-moto has issues w/ rebellion and people who seek actual justice……so instead he creates a world where justice doesn’t exist, no one is truly guilty for anything, because of pityships and tragic childhoods, and forgiveness is all you need. When did Naruto become My Little Pony? I started expecting rainbows, but Naruto’s Talk-no-jutsu’s are close enough.
Right? Basically, villians aren’t villians, jutsu became less technical and clever and all about OP-ness!!!!!! Ninjas became demi-gods (Naruto & Sasuke), everyone else became fodder, good concepts that went no-where, nothing stuck, plot holes the size of Mount Everest were fine, and loose ends were normal.
Death had no consequences, rules didn’t matter, and no one really died.
This shonen became so watered down…I just stopped.
This series is vast and time consuming.
Half of the fans didn’t even finish the anime, many stopped after the Pein arc, and others like myself checked back in sporadically.
Long story short…the payoff wasn’t worth it. The ending was fan sevice at it’s finest and people ate it up…for the most part.
This series is cherished, loved and hated by a lot of fans.
It created a major split in factions and brewed a level of toxicity not seen in nature.
My main point is Shippuden outside of fanshipping, and those fapping to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s awesome-ness isn’t shit.
It use to be about friendship, trials, generational chains and etc…but now w/ Burrito on the scene it’s just trash that makes a lot of money for SP and Kishi’s black mark of shame. People will still find inspiration in this series and have nostalgia trips that’ll give them warm fuzzies and that’s cool.
Do what you do.
People will still write fanfiction half the time better than the actual material, re-enact scenes, and cos-play, because Naruto is a goldmine, but in no way, shape or form is this better than Death Note.