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Which anime do you think have been the turning points for how people view anime as a source of entertainment?

If we’re talking about this from an objective point of view rather than personal opinions, these anime shows have to be mentioned: - Death Note Haven’t watched it.
But it’s undeniable presence in the anime industry can’t be ignored. It’s obviously one of the few that have made an impact and even gave people a reason to watch anime. - Dragon Ball Z It’s impossible to talk about anime WITHOUT knowing about DBZ.
Doing so would be like asking a person if they own a smartphone or not (fun fact: there are more smartphones than there are people). - Sailor Moon This shows “quality” is up for debate.
But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an absolute classic.
With one of the BEST anime intro songs of all time. This was one of many “gateway drug” animes that reeled people into the industry, and set them on their journey. - Pokemon There’s just no exception when it comes to Pokemon.
It’s too successful to NOT be on this list.
Would even go as far to say it’s even more popular than Dragon Ball Z (especially in the 90’s). Pokemon is simple, easy to understand and fun.
Plus their video games took this to another level and drove it’s success to ridiculous heights. - Code Geass Well deserved and immensely popular.
And with its high ratings, it makes for a rare series that managed to be both a top series for “new” anime fans, along with high ratings wherever you look. - Neon Genesis Evangelion Haven’t watched this show properly, and even put it on hold (it didn’t seem that interesting, slow pace).
But opinions aside - this anime seems to have made a MASSIVE impact on a deep level, rather than “wide”. To deny it would be foolish. An anime fan puts it this way: “It was sufficiently popular that they were able to fill stores all over the country for almost two decades now with figurines, dolls, posters, keychains, stickers, etc etc etc.” Source: How did Neon Genesis Evangelion have a 'significant impact on Japanese culture'? • r/japan And that’s in spite of being such an old show with no new series unlike DBZ and so many others. - Naruto Haven’t watched this yet either (too much time commitment), but again, to even ignore Naruto in relation to this Quora question would be ignorant. On Quora alone it’s one of the TOP anime related topics. - One Piece Another series that’s not only the top selling manga of ALL time (outselling even Spiderman in the US), it’s still ongoing without a sign of stopping.
And it’s presence is unmatched. - Honorable Mentions: Yugioh. Fullmetal Alchemist. Bleach. Gintama. Inuyasha. Slayers. Sword Art Online. Fairy Tail. Less popular shows that have been turning points: - Psycho Pass - Higurashi: When They Cry - Black Lagoon - My Hero Academia - Clannad - Fate Zero - Honorable Mentions (for less popular shows than DBZ, etc) Jormungand. Your Lie In April. Monster. If you feel any were missed, share it in the comments.