Based on the erotic game by Bishop.

What if anime was real? What anime world would you like to be involved in? What would be the first thing you'd do there? And why?

Hmm… what anime world… Well, there can only be one: I’ll call it… home This is Disboard, the world of No Game No Life. Beyond having an absolutely gorgeous colorful and oversaturated color palette, the show is a fascinating adaptation of a light novel series, about two near-savant NNET gamer siblings thrust into a word built around games.
Nearly every interaction in this world is in some way motivated by a game.
The world’s Ten Pledges, put in place by the god Tet, are as follows: All murder, war, and robbery is forbidden in this world. All conflict in this world will be resolved through games. In games, each player will bet something that they agree is of equal value. As long as it doesn't violate pledge three, anything may be bet, and any game may be played. The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game. Any bets made in accordance with the pledges must be upheld. Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority. Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss. In the name of god, the previous rules may never be changed. Let's all have fun and play together! There are some fun things to note about the pledges, that play into the development of the story.
Pledge three only states that the players must agree that their bets are of equal value.
If both parties agree that an old, dusty lollipop is as valuable as a vast fortune, it’s all good. Also, pledge eight stipulats that being caught cheating is grounds for a DQ.
Cheating in and of itself is allowed, and this pledge does more to encourage caution and sneakiness to cheat inconspicuously than it does to discourage cheating. The way some conflicts are resolved in the show is magnificently entertaining and enthralling.
And as a scrawny little thinker, I feel like I’d thrive in Disboard a lot better than I might thrive on earth.
Unless a game is carefully designed to overwhelmingly favor a physically strong opponent, a weaker, more thoughtful opponent always has a chance. Besides, it’s just… such a pretty world! I don’t think it’d ever get boring to step outside and just… look at things. SO PRETTY!