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What is the best anime ever created?

The definition of best changes from person to person.
But if ya asked me, I’ll state the following anime: Almost every avid anime watcher knows this one! My reason for stating this as (one of the) best anime ever made is : It explores Time Travel in a scientific way (which most time travel anime don’t).
I love anything regarding Time and this anime has done an excellent job in portraying that. It also lets the viewers see the dire consequences that even small changes cause in the long run - The Butterfly effect.
And it does this in a very good way.
Makes you actually think over the actions of the protagonist and the consequences that those actions have. Its art style is pleasant to my eyes >-< . The Humor element present in the anime balances out the serious stuff.
Well, at least until half way it does.
After that, things start getting a little mindwhelming. And hey, there’s Romance too! It’s not included in the genre of the anime and neither is the story’s main focus on said romance.
But Goddamn, this pairing and the part it plays in the story just has me hooked to it right till the end.
Yea I’m a HUGE romance fan.
I mean, 45% of the anime I watch have the romance genre in them ;) And it contains one of my most favorite anime women, my so called ‘Waifu’, Christina! (She’s so cute right, you gotta agree with me!! ) And yea, there’s way too many good points I can state about this anime.
But, no one reads long answers when it’s related to anime xD.
So there you have it! Steins Gate is the best anime ever made (IMO). And I always end my anime answers with an epic quote, so here it is: Peace……….