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Who is the most skilled swordsman in anime?

There are plenty contenders worth mentioning. To keep it short, here’s one swords-woman who’s both extremely powerful and skilled with her sword: 1.
Kar Shekar (Taboo Tattoo) She can cut through dimensions.
Which means: she doesn’t need to be near you to strike with her sword, making it both a short and long range weapon.
So even if her opponent isn’t close to her, she can strike them with her sword and even cut an opponent in half from quite a distance. Incredibly fast.
Not much factual info on this to share, but in the anime she’s able to seemingly teleport.
And she looks to be “maybe” as fast as a Soul Reaper (and would kill most of them) because of her OP abilities. A Samurai by nature.
Her sword skills are unmatched.
Kar’s the type of swords woman who knows how to actually fight, as opposed to many anime swordsman who are powerful but lack the skills. Protected by a type of barrier.
If you know the character: Accelerator from A Certain Scientific Railgun, then you understand how his body his protected by vectors.
In a similar way, Kar Shekar is protected by an ability that shields her.
Making her too dangerous to fight head on. She’s not the most famous swordsmen (woman) but almost all of swordsman characters like Erza Scarlet, Kenshin Himura, Ichigo etc, wouldn’t stand a chance in an actual fight with Kar.