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Is a Black Clover similar to Naruto?

First of all, its quite important to distinguish between black clover the anime and black clover the manga.
The anime started off slowly but picked up after a few episodes.
The fight scenes are somewhat unique, and the way they have progressed the series is ok.
I enjoy watching it, that being said i dont think its amazing, save for the few time the magic captains fight and some of astas fight scenes.
The manga however is excellent imo, its creative, has comedy, amazing fight scenes and the plot follows a solid structure.
I highly recommend people to read black clover and also watch it if u enjoy the manga. Now onto the question.
So Naruro as a series is practically a masterpiece (manga) with the exception of some not so amazing arcs like kaguya lel.
So even if black clover was a rip off its bound to be good you know.
But i dont think it is a rip off.
Shonen always have a common theme being they protagonist wants to become the leader of something or be in the highest position, luffy: pirate king, naruto: hokage, asta: wizard king, and some other series that are extremely unique and bloody amazing such as My Hero Acadmia which also follows the story of Midoriya wanting to become the no 1 professional hero.
Although MHA does follow this shonen stereotype, obviously its called shonen for a reason, its extremely unique compared to alot of shonen and defs stands out among the really popular ones. Anyways, sure there are plenty of similaries between the 2, but there are also alot of differences.
Black clover is more light hearted and naruto more emotional.
Another example is that some arcs we see asta completely powerless and have to rely on the magic captains.
Whilst in Naruto, sasuke and naruto usually end up being the most op in a particular arc Although there are plenty of similaritries i think black clover as a series is very unique and has a different world, different types of characters, and quite a different story. So in conclusion yes black clover is both similar AND very different to Naruto Hope you enjoyed! Image Sources: youtube and google search :)