Did you know that groping is a form of art?

How would everyone react if anime became real?

It would be terrible beyond measure if anime became real.
At first, the otaku community would be overjoyed.
After all, the 2D waifus of their dreams would finally be real! They could get insulted and beaten up by their favourite tsunderes! Not to mention the overabundance of cute high school girls and ladies with unnaturally sized busts. However, joy would soon turn to terror when they realise that not only would the cute girls real, all the dangerous villains from anime would be real as well.
Titans, pillar men, vampires, witches, super powered criminals… Humanity would be in for a wonderful time.
War, destruction and massacre would break out, and people would be forced to live out their days in constant terror and paranoia.
The sudden influx of characters who suddenly pop into existence would also surely cause severe overpopulation, quickly depleting our resources, leading to famine and poverty.
Eventually, everyone dies painful deaths. Oh well… At least before the whole destruction, starvation and death situation, I’ll get a chance to try the delectable delicacies created by the talented chefs from Food Wars. If I get a chance to taste these delicious dishes, maybe dying at the hands (jaws?) of a titan wouldn’t be so bad.