What can you do with the maids in the Special Room?

How may I make an animation/cartoon/anime?

First you'd want to practice. If you didn't know already some pretty reliable animation software has gone open source, and it's called "OpenToonz".
Studio Ghibli used a variant of it.
Since the original company that sold it went kaput, Dwango has made it free.
Simply google it, and you'll find it on OpenToonz's website. (Think Flipnote Studio on steroids, and not the cheap kind either, we're talkin' SWOLE, RIPPED like those pair of laughing "bros" who are at the gym pretty much out of boredom who immediately take off their shirts, and self-consciousness fills you and...Well, you get my point.) Some answers have already told you that it is a long and grueling process to make high quality animations similiar to animations today. I'm talking very high quality, but if you need inspiration look at college student animation pieces like SCAD or USC portfolios.
There is an exceptional young artist whose name is AmazingArtistYellow who creates surprisingly wonderful animations on Youtube and DeviantArt. It's generally more anime, but I think you'll like that! Those take less than a year, but are still long to do.
Good luck, and happy animating!