Based on the erotic manga by Akatsuki Myuuto.

What is your favorite anime gay couple?

Thank God you didn’t ask for my favorite manga gay couples(there are waaay too many XD) Canon Couples Yukina and Kisa (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi) Yukina is soo hot x3 and kisa is seriously 30+ though he looks like a highschooler.
I wish the manga includes more of their story as I don’t think Ritsu will admit his feelings anytime soon anyway Takano and Ritsu (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi) Please confess your feelings before I die .
Also , Takano is boyfriendgoals. Haru and Ren (Super Lovers) If you ignore the age gap , Ren is soo cute and soo pure and Haru’s so hot .
I wish they catch up on this story again , it’s been years since the manga updated . Yuzu and Mei (Citrus) I’ve read some yuri manga but Citrus was the first yuri anime I watched and I loved it.
They somehow remind me of one of my favorite couples , Sun Jing and Qiu Tong from Tamen De Gushi . Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon) I haven’t watched the anime but I read fanfics and I’m a fan of Sailor Moon now .
These two are probably the first LGBT characters to be ever seen in anime . Tanmoku Ki and You Keika (Soul Contract/Spirit Pact) It’s not very clear if they are a couple but they have that connection and they’re canon .
I love supernatural themes . I know you probably only want canon but lemme include ships too to see if someone ships em too :’3 SHIPS Welcome to the world of my numerous ships.
I’ll only list a few though . Fairy Tail I’ve got tons of ships in fairy tail ,both straight and gay and most of the characters listed here are part of my straight ships too . Freed and Laxus Freed definitely has feelings for Laxus and Laxus doesn’t seem to hate it much .
Sure I do ship Laxus with Mirajane and I don’t even get why people even ship him with Cana but I really wish Laxus and Freed would be canon. Lyon and Gray These two ‘chilly’ dudes are increasing the temperature of the surroundings with their shirtless….
I mean ice-magic .
C’mon they even rode the Love-Love slide together Even though it was by accident , LOL (Gray x Juvia forever because Juvia is way too pure and even though Gray doesn’t deserve her , I don’t want Juvia to be sad ) Sting and Rogue I do ship Sting with Yukino but I somehow feel Rogue has feelings for Sting but those feelings are hidden deeep within his ‘shadow’ Cana and Wendy I don’t get why people ship her with Laxus ,why ? .
And Some ship her with Bacchus (he stole her bra , that ain’t shippable) .
I used to ship Romeo and Wendy but after watching the Ova , Cana and Wendy are an awesome pair .
Cana even made Wendy wear a wedding dress. Kagura and Milliana They don’t really have much chemistry between them but they are in an all-female guild and they both love cats , that means time to ship! Baka and Test Summon The Beasts Miharu and Minami Miharu has a perfect dream of marrying Minami and having a baby .
That’s so cute.
I think Miharu deserves to be loved. Akihisa and Hideyoshi Aren’t they cute ? x3 Assassination Classroom Karma and Nagisa Do you even need to ask ? Isogai and Maehara Pretty Obvious Kill Me Baby Sonya and Yasuna Pretty Obvious , plus they’d make a great couple Place To Place Io x Sakaki Just felt like it I guess.
Also , I love Sakaki Mayoi x Hime They’re cute together .
I love Mayoi who doesn’t I have tons of more ships but I’ll leave it at that for now In between canon and ship Yuri and Victor (Yuri on Ice) Probably the most famous and the most loved yaoi couple online . In my opinion , they’re the most ambiguous couple .
Victor says that those rings are engagement rings but it could easily pass off for a joke .
Besides , the anime is strictly sports genre , it’s not even remotely marked as yaoi/shounen-ai and I don’t think the makers confirmed them being a canon Was that too many ships ? I’m sorry ^^’ Images Source: Google Images