Honoka arrived at home with snacks, juice, and candies which are her brothers, named Hirokazu, favorite stuff. However, she noticed there has been an unexpected guest - Akasaki. She attends the same class as Hirokazu and for that matter he invited her for a study session and Honoka misunderstood her as his girlfriend. Will Hirokazu make up with his sister in a secret way while Akasaki is still in their house?

What anime are never boring?

The Answer varies People like different things, different genres like, Harem, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Echhi, Shounen-ai (boys love), Shoujo-ai (girls love), Slice of life etc.. While I don’t like ecchi and harem, and find some animes with too much fanservice to be a turn off to watch but some likes it and finds it to be interesting. But I Love the anime Great Teacher Onizuka I think most people will like this because its filled with comedy and funny scenes that could kill your stomach with your own laughter. It might even make a person who never laughed in 50 years to laugh! And every episode is never boring.
Never! Sensei: Hmm… You there! Have you watched GTO? Sensei: WATCH IT OR 7 YEARS OF SNAKES COILING AROUND YOU! Wartet! Arrhh!! My balls! AAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHH! Ouuu, Do I look good in this? Game over.