What’s a good starter anime?

The best anime to start with varies from person to person and depends on their taste which genre you like and things like that. So if you are a fan of thrillers then Death Note. There is no better anime for you to start with.
It one of the best and highest rated anime of all time.
It will tell you that rules are different here from tv show and movies.
Even if you are not a fan of thrillers or don't have any specific taste then I recommend this anime to start your wonderful journey. If you are a fan of action then Attack on titan This is a great anime about a world filled with man eating giants known as titans.
It has a great story and great action setpieces. Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood This could go in many of the genres but I like to fit it here.
It is considered the greatest anime of all time and for a reason.
Don't watch full metal Alchemist even though it's great but Brotherhood is the better option.
I wouldn't recommend starting with this series as you everything you watch after will pale in comparison watch it after you have watched 5-6 anime. If you are a fan of psychological horror Tokyo ghoul For fans of the psychological genre there is no better anime than Tokyo ghoul and if you like things messing with your mind then watch Tokyo ghoul or better yet read the manga. If you are here for something light hearted K-on K-on is an extremely light hearted anime.
It just cute girls doing cute things.
It is also recommended for comedy fans.
It is the slice of life anime. If you can't get enough of the drama Your lie in april Your lie in april is the one of the best and the most heartbreaking story anime has to offer.
Even though the ending may be a little cliche but it will make you cry or atleast feel like you have a deep void in your heart.
It is just great. Angel beats. Like your lie in april I this anime is also really heartbreaking and is recommended if you like drama. If you are a fan of long running series which are primarily focused at kids(although adults can also enjoy them. Dragon ball z Naruto One piece My hero academia All of them are a lots of fun to watch if you have time on your hand.
Yeah you will need time one piece is 850 episodes in at the time of writing this and no where near finishing.
Dbz and naruto are near 500 episodes if you count all the seasons. If you want some of the old classic Neon genesis evangelion You need to be on the next level of intellectual to fully understand this series what start as a simple giants robot fighting monsters changes into one of the greatest mind mess.
It will mess your mind if you are able to fully understand it. Cowboy bebop Just a fun little series about the adventure of a space cowboy.
Wouldn't that be the most awesome job ever.
It is a classic anime and you may like it.
It is of the action genre.