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Who is the worst anime parent that was still potrayed as a good guy in that anime?

GING FREECS (HUNTER X HUNTER) Okay so most of the answers here do have asshole parents, but Charles Britannia, for example, from Code Geass, was never portrayed in a good light in the show.
However, it frustrates me how Ging Freecs, on the other hand, is let away so easily in the anime and even by the audience, despite being one of the worst parents in the history of any show, ever.
(Except Shou Tucker.
Nobody can beat him in the Worst Father of the Year category). Ging simply gave his infant son to his sister and left.
He abandoned his only son just like that.
(Let’s not even talk about the child’s mother here, who we have no idea is alive, or has also been abandoned by Ging.) And then this piece of sh*t (No BNBR violation, I hope) has the audacity to design this elaborate plan with so many variables just so that his son can meet him: his son will appear for the Hunter Exam, will pass the exam, will not only play but also win Greed Island game, which for the record other professional Hunters had spent years trying to do, and even then he does not get to meet him, oh no! He is sent to Kite, which begins the Chimera Ant arc which almost kills Gon, and this ass doesn’t even visit him once in the hospital, simply stating that he KNOWS Gon will be all right, like he is some omnipotent piece of sh*t. No Ging, you don’t know anything. This guy acts as if his son getting to meet him is a huge privilege, and that he needs to work hard for it.
No dude, a child wanting to know his father is not a privilege.
It is something pretty basic, a need that is very primal, and risking your son’s life so many times for it is a dick move. Sure, it all turned out well for Gon in the end, but Ging surely couldn’t have known that.
Also, plot armor. So to summarize, Ging Freecs, you are a terrible father and you DO NOT deserve to be Gon’s father.
Even Silva Zoldyck was a better father than you, and he trained his son to be an assassin.