Motomura Touko is a married but sexually frustrated woman. Woman in her family have a certain "promiscuity" curse. Hearing of a certain legendary hot-spring, she returns to her native village to seek answers to her sexual frustration.

What are some anime similar to Fullmetal Alchemist?

Look, man, I’ll level with you.
Full Metal Alchemist could be argued eloquently to be a perfect adventure story.
Neither ‘03 nor Brotherhood have true equals in their glory.
That said, I’ll give you some reccomendations to ease the void within your heart. I’ve noticed others mentioning Unlimited Blade Works, and while Blade Works’ big dumb fight scenes are really awesome, I would argue that Emiya Shirou is a pretty bad protagonist which lessens the impact of the show for me. In terms of other shows like Fullmetal, I would steer you closer to Noragami, as well as its sequel Noragami Aragoto.
The choreography is of a similar godlike level of quality, and the show has a similar vein of humor and subtle but gratuitous shots of the incredibly attractive main girl.