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What are the top anime with short episodes (under 30)?

1)Samurai Champloo 2)Tokyo Ghoul : It has 2 seasons so its more like 24 episodes and also its rating is bad as the there are no character development and other plot loops but I liked it and u can give it a try. 3)Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate:Both of them are more or less the same but HellSign Ultimate(10 episodes) got a bit more story and better Animation. 4)FMA/FMA Brotherhood:FMA Brotherhood is of 63 episodes and FMA is of 51 episode and FMA ends in a movie rather than the last episode of the series.But it's a crime to not watch it.It has the highest rating and is considered as The Best AnimeEver.
Both of them revolve around same story more or less but its worth to watch both FMA and FMA:Brotherhood 5)Clanned After Story : Its a romantic and emotional series.It is one of the best series out there though the ending might be a little complicated its worth your time.Expect to have some tears roll out at the end of this series. 6)One Punch Man:YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SEE THIS!!!!!! Its one of the best anime I have ever seen and I can guarantee you you will fall off the bed laughing.THis is a currently running series so only 8 episodes are available so far but new episodes roll out every week. 7)Your Lie in April: Its one of the best series I have seen.Its filled with joy of friendship,sadness of losing ones you love,the bliss of love.Overall its a romantic and emotional series. 8)Death Note: Its a MUST WATCH too.Its has an awesome combo of battle of withs and supernatural.Its more like 37 episodes but once you start it you will be hooked and a fan forever. 9)Code Geass: It has two seasons which total gives 48 episodes but its worth it too.Most interesting is that the ending never goes the way you want it.It shall keep at the edge of your seat until very end.Its the Ultimate series for Twist where nothing goes the way you or the hero would have wanted. 10)Cowboy Bepop:YOU SHOULD WATCH IT.THATS all I am gonna say.It is one of the highest rated animes (IMDB 9.0) and its of 27episodes.Its a must watch. Thanks, Hope that helped