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What are some examples of anime movies and anime series with exceptional, unique, groundbreaking approaches to storytelling?

Well since you're looking for some exceptional,good,etc,etc approaches to Story Telling I presume you dont mind the animation quality or the story itself but looking for some real unique direction. DeathNote-You must have probably watched this and asked this later but just in case ill give a brief intro.Simply the best,a legend and a must watch.Perfect Direction.Over the top thriller.No matter what watch this first.Youll start getting stuck to it from the very second episode. 1)Monogatari Series- A supernatural romcom anime series.Its animations is well...
different...Some people dont like the animation but thats not really what its famous for.The whole series is like a "Verbal War" .The dialogues totally rule!.This anime stands solely on its verbal performance and direction unlike the usual ones that rely on the story.The way the dialogues are written are something to be given credit.Unlike usual shounen anime where lame jokes are the cause of humor in this case its all the way the dialogues are used. 2)Steins Gate-This anime is an sci-fi,thriller.It basically a story based on time travel.....I know right! its probably something that involves going to the past and correcting some mistake.Typical time travel stories.Well thats not exactly the case here.Without relying on how its possible it tries to focus on other issues.Thereby making it easy for any person to understand.But the main unique points of the story is 1.Not humans but messages go back in time 2.Sudden scenario changes that actually make the story very interesting. 3.A perfect protagonist and characters who is both lame and cool at the same time. 4.Romantic,sentimental and thrilling at the same time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPOILER ALERT#Twists from the anime How would you feel if you see your loved one die in front of you?and then you send a message into the past to warn your old you about it,so that he can save her.And JUST How do you think it would be if no matter how many times you restart it only repeats in another way.AND HOW WOULD IT BE IF YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO REMEMBER seeing the ones you care for die a 100 times right before your eye? and your forced to choose between your 2 most dear people?Totally over the top right.You watch it itll be better . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3)The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys-I dont think ive seen anything funnier than this before.This is not exactly a series its a bunch of extremely(i mean it) comedy short films about few highschool friends and their life.The comedy in this anime is a masterwork by the director.Heres a small scene.This isnt your weekly shounen anime like Naruto or One Piece but it definetly will get you laughing to death.This anime also relies a lot on its dialogues.People who can comprehend them will be dissappointed as it has no story at all.Just individual stories. 4)DDS-Dan Detective School Q-Just as the name says its an anime about a school for detective training and about 5 children in it.This is a Legend in the genre of Mystery probably only rivaled by Detective conan(though i havent seen detective conan completely).The cases are totally mindblowing and it only gets better.Nothing much to say a must watch.