Satsuki and Shizuka, both popular magazine models, transfer to a new school. Yamada is a chubby teacher who is ordered to act as their personal attendant. In this position, he is frequently insulted by the arrogant Shizuka. However, his revenge is nigh...

You are now stuck in the last anime you watched. Are you screwed?

Oh Hell no!!! The last anime I opened is Kakegurui. This is a Summer 2017 anime in the high stakes genre, which is my favorite genre.
Rule #1 - you never want to live in the world of a high stakes as one of the characters. Kakegurui is about an elite high school where gambling at very high stakes is the way of life.
Cheating is allowed unless detected and reported.
Students who are unable to pay their debts lose their humanity and become bullied house pets like cats and dogs.
Particularly unlucky female souls get a life program that prescribes which politician they marry, how many kids they must bear, and so on. I would need to acquire Yumeko's observation skills to retain my humanity in that world.
Sooner or later, I'd end up with a dog tag.