This immensely popular h-series has been said to have changed the history of adult animation with it’s scenes of violence, perversion and lust, filled with hardcore sex and unusual sexual fetishes! It consists of three different anime titles each with their own series of releases; Isaku, Shisaku and Kisaku. They are named after the three sadistic brothers whom they are about.

What are animes that are so bad they're good?

This is a hard question to answer, because Japanese humor often edges closer to self-depriciating satire than American humor does, so it’s often impossible to tell whether something is over the top intentionally or is just the product of poor taste.
With that said, I will ignore that distinction and freely group together absurd humor that’s pretty clearly intentional with absurd humor that may be partly or mostly accidental. JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Pretty much all the shonen tropes that people make fun of originated in the manga that this show is adapting.
An incoherent mess of naive homoeroticism, scatalogical humor, bathos, absurdly extended battles, soap-operatic multi-generational plotlines, and gag villains, it switches constantly between a complete drag and a total blast.
Taking individual panels out of context has become a fun game online.
Mostly, JoJo is always extremely creative. You can argue about whether or not the story is terribly constructed.
However, the reason that it took thirty years for the show to finally be made is that animation technology has, until now, been incapable of doing justice to the unique & iconic art style. Rosario + Vampire This show is the epitome of formulaic, low-effort harem comedy.
It’s also entertaining, on and off.
Many people consider this to be one of the heralds of the beginning of the era of moe-centric low-effort shows designed to appeal to otaku; I disagree, because while it certainly is a moe-centric low-effort show designed to appeal to otaku, that’s been a permanent fixture of the medium since at least the mid-90s. Monster Musume Another harem show.
This is what you point to when someone asks you how you developed a spider fetish.
It absolutely embraces the harem genre, and turns all the elements up to 11. Maburaho This harem show takes a really screwed-up premise completely seriously.
We’re shown a magic-centric society organized along eugenic lines, wherein one’s ability to perform magic (in terms of number of spells over one’s lifetime or potency of each spell) is both genetic & the primary proxy for social status; those who, due to good genes, are able to cast spells often and freely, are of higher status because might makes right.
When one’s magic is extinguished, they die.
We’re thrown into this dystopia, but the authors set a romance comedy there, with no indication of how horrible the setting is.
A good-natured dumbass loser who can only cast magic three times in his life is beset upon by three girls who are being pressured by their families to get him to impregnate them, because despite his anomalously low spell count, his family tree consists primarily of incredibly powerful historical sorcerers.
This is notable as the only show I’m aware of that kills the main character half-way through and keeps going. Star Driver & Captain Earth These are two different shows, but I’m putting them together here because they are by the same small group of people and are bad / interesting in the same general ways.
Specifically, the director & much of the staff are people who worked on Utena and Sailor Moon under BEPAPAS, and with the exception of one guy who worked on a single episode of Rah Xephon, none of them had any experience with mecha prior to Star Driver.
Both these shows are, essentially, people who came from a shojo / maho shojo background attempting to make a mech show: in the case of Star Driver, a super robot show, and in the case of Captain Earth, a real robot show.
Captain Earth gets a lot closer, and strongly resembles the kind of z-list show you might see in the immediate wake of Evangelion.
But, both manage to bungle the tone in strange ways, and both adopt conventions from maho shojo like heavy footage reuse and long transformation sequences; both also adopt a pretty bright color pallette at times, and use strange, spindly, angular mech designs. Saber Marionette J / Saber Marionette J Again / Saber Marionette J to X This show is difficult to describe.
The premise is that a multi-ethnic space crew with only one woman on it crash lands on a planet and, with no ability to get off the planet, they decide to use cloning and genetic engineering in order to populate the planet.
Because the only woman in the crew died in the crash, the planet is populated only by men.
Our story begins hundreds of years later, when the society is broken up into two major factions: one that’s based on a warped parody version of feudal japan, and one that’s essentially a rebranded version of nazi germany.
Our protagonist, who is extremely generic by anime standards, is (because the only female forms on the planet are servant robots called Marionettes) essentially the only straight guy on the planet, and accidentally breaks into the home of the leader of this pseudo-japanese country.
He finds a robot woman there who has the ability to learn, and brings her home.
He ends up being fought over by three sentient robot women with fruit-themed names.
The plot of the show is that with the robot women and his obnoxiously gay neighbour, he defeats space Hitler, but later discovers that space Hitler was being brainwashed by an immortal cyborg who was hiding female DNA.
The robots sacrifice themselves in order to defeat the immortal cyborg, and spontaneously turn into human babies. This show has the wonkiest 90s art I’ve ever seen, but it’s way better than the manga, which makes my eyes bleed. DNA^2 A loser who vomits whenever he is sexually aroused is attacked & shot by a woman from the future, who claims he was going to grow up to become a legendary “super-playboy” whose sexual magnetism is so extreme that he essentially has full command over all women, and whose incredibly prodigious sperm (he fathers 100 children, and each of them fathers 100 more, all with the same powers) causes a population crisis.
However, the woman from the future was tricked: she accidentally shot him with a bullet that turns him into the super-playboy.
She then has to figure out a way to cause him to commit to a monogamous permanent relationship with his childhood friend, before the DNA changes set.